How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long in 2024

Welcome to this wonderful tutorial on How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long , when it come to Android phone battery , some phone seems to beat others in terms of battery durability , they always say the more among of money you put in buying phone the quality of phone you are going to get , let’s say you can’t compare a phone of 50, 000 naira to a phone of 20,000 naira ,  but this is not the major thing we are going to discus about , we are still on the topic on How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long , making your Andriod phone depends on the way you uses the phone , below I am going to be  dropping a detailed process on  How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long

How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long

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How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long

You can make your Android phone by follow the little tips below

Charge your phone when the battery is below 50%

Avoid charging your phone with soloar power

Don’t Us Your Phone While charging it

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before using it

Don’t join Wire together while charging the phone

Make use of the follow come charger to charge the phone

Don’t charge your phone with power bank

Make sure your phone is inbuilt battery not removable battery

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The other way round , the reason why your Android phone battery not lasting

Why Is My Andriod Phone Battery Not Lasting Long

The major Reason why your Android
phone  battery is not lasting long ,  can be caused  by many factors , EG  let me use Removable battery To Illustrate example , if your mobile phone / Device battery is removable , is not Good at all  to be charging and Also using the phone at the same time it weakens the battery , making the battery to depreciate in power and at the same time making the battery not to last long , so is adviseable to allow your phone to full first before using it  ,  Another factor again is to use  the phone to play game  frequently / always Can be seen as another factor that will hinder and make your Android phone battery not to last long  , Browsing And listening to music at thesame time can weakens and reduce the battery Durability of your Android phone their by making the Android phone battery not to last long  , also make sure you go through the instructions written on the battery , read and implement , you can see something like , you should not expose your battery to the sun because it can cause damage to the battery  , Do not use power bank to charge your phone ,  Always use the follow come charger to charge your phone  , Do not use another charger apart from follow come charger that is if you want your device to last long

Conclusion on : How To Make Your Andriod Phone Battery Last Long

The above steps is the basic steps and process to follow if you want your Android phone Device to last long, try also to close application on the background and use battery saver , reduce the brightness of the phone , brightness of the phone is another keyfactor that helps in consumption of battery in Android phone so make sure you always reduce the brightness to help in long lasting of your Android phone battery, Don’t charge frequently with Generator , because at thesame time Generator weakens the battery duration and life span of battery , so all you have to do is to avoid charging with Generator and also avoid charging your Android phone on a low current light , it weakens your battery duration also , follow the instructions listed above , and you will not have any issues with your Android phone battery duration , if you apply and follow the instructions above , your Android phone Device will be lasting long and to make the Andriod phone last long you need to charge the phone with the follow come charger and make sure you charge when the phone is below 30%,kindly share this article if the Article is useful to you

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