Yieldto Smart Contract Review : Scam or Legit, Find out

Yieldto Smart Contract Review is our major topic for today after reading Yieldto.io Review , you will find out what Yieldto smart contract is all about

What is Yieldto.io

Yieldto.io is a decentralized, Self-Executing Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that was built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

YieldTo Is a ETHEREUM Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that you work from home at your own leisure. There is no time limit or targets or pressure with this program.

Yieldto Smart Contract Review

Yieldto Smart Contract Review

Features of Yieldto smart contract are listed below for better understanding

YIELDTO is 100% decentralized

It is affordable ( 0.03 ETH)

It is the best Smart Contract in the market

it is a Peer to peer system

Your Commissions are paid instantly and directly to your wallet

It is Risk Free

You Control your Business from your phone

It is 100% Payments in Ethereum

How Does Yieldto.io Works

Importantly, there are THREE sub programs within YieldTo

1. YieldTo x 3
2. YieldTo x4
3. YieldTo x8

YieldTo x3 has three places below you in one row.

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YieldTo x4 has two rows below you, with 2 places in the first row and 4 places in the second row.

YieldTo X8 has THREE rows below you,with 2 places in the first row,4 places in the second row and 8 places in the third row.

When you join / register with YieldTo, you open up THREE of these programs simultaneously.

Subsequently, when you make a one time payment of 0.03ethereum it will be used in activating all the three program in Yieldto (X3 x4 and x8)

1st. ×3 matrix. 0.01eth
2nd. ×4 matrix. 0.01eth
3rd. ×8 matrix. 0.01eth

×3 matrix its your personal
Directs or active income
×4 matrix its your team spills or passive
×8 matrix its your super powerful team spills indirects up to your 3rd

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Yieldto.io Review : Scam or Legit, Find out

Who Is The owner of Yieldto (Yieldto.io Founder)

there is a brain behind every smart contract, all we are exposed to is that it’s a secured blockchain platform and the brain behind it is an anonymous no one cares to know about.

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Yieldto.io Referral Program

For the Yieldto.io, you can earn without referring only if you join an active team for spillovers. Otherwise, referral is highly necessary.

Is Yieldto.io Scam

It has three (3) types of matrix: ×3 ×4 ×8 program. Additionally, It has an unlimited auto reinvest and you xan always follow superior partner.

I have no proof it’s scam at all currently. Feel free to use the comment section to share your thoughts.

Is Yieldto.io Legit

Yieldto.io is a fully decentralized investment platform built on a smart contract in the Ethereum network.

The smart contract is open and verifiable, it can’t be corrupted or tampered with. Blockchain technology ensures 100% fairness and transparency of the fund.

conclusion on : Yieldto Smart Contract Review

Yieldto.io is legit at the time the article was written , invest wisely , invest what you can afford to loss if anything happen , kindly join our WhatsApp and telegram group below

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective.

Team ptechs is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.

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