Who Is A Yahoo Picker?

Who Is A Yahoo Picker And How To Become A Yahoo Picker is what I am going to be taking about today, keep reading to learn and know more About a picker.

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Who Is A Yahoo Picker And How To Become A Yahoo Picker

Who Is A Yahoo Picker And How To Become A Yahoo Picker

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I Guess you must have been hearing about pickers, Hackers and Loaders , but on today’s article I will explain to you who a picker is and how You can Become one.

A picker is A person who get hold of any illegal transaction because they normally pay the money directly into their bank account, in major cases a picker is a citizen of united state of America(USA) because majority of Yahoo Boys and Yahoo Girls claim to hail Their.

Let me explain step by step on how a yahoo picker operates and why you need a good picker for your work and this picker must be someone You Trust very well.

Who Is A Picker In Yahoo

For any illegal transaction that get concluded, The money is paid in a bank account. Since majority of yahoo boys and yahoo girls are not a citizen of USA United State of America they normally need some one to help them with some several information or things like;

  • Bank Account
  • ID Cards
  • SSNs And Some Other Information
  • To Have Access To The Money
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    The only way this will be possible and not to get expose and since he base in USA (United States Of America) He gives A code Name called “Picker”

    A picker is a person that help his client to pick up a money and wire it back to him, his client might likely be a Yahoo boy or a scammer that scams some one for money in other not to get caught he make use of a picker in collecting the money.

    In some cases a picker is normally hired by a Scammer as part of 3 men that are required to scam Job. That is for a scam like Wire Wire Scam , We have Three people that are Needed in completing the job.

    The Three People Needed in Completing The Job Are:


    A hacker is the person that is the main boss in the game he will be the one to do the scam and he will employ other people that will work for him that is to say the scammer is the ceo of the game.

    He or she is the person that deals with the victim , he makes contact to them and decide on the best way to archive his goal, he might decide to make use of Social Engineering to get the necessary information from his victim or the victims company, once the scammer have the necessary information needed for the job, he will need some one called a hacker to start the job immediately.


    A hacker is a cyber oracle a technology computer wizard who knows how to get access to the data base of the victim and he gain Access to system or network illegally, he will be need some certain information to do that and the information will be provided by the scammer since he is the ceo of the operation.

    Once the Necessary Information is provided to the hacker by the scammer, the hacker will use the Necessary Information to divert the money from the victim account to a fake Dummy account which is owned by a picker and the picker will be ready to cashout the money and wire it to abroad.


    A picker will provide a working USA bank account for you to use and receive your money from your client, The picker will help you to pick up the money and foward your own share to you,

    How To Become A Yahoo Picker

    If you are a Nigerian base citizen is very difficult to be a Yahoo Picker because you don’t make use of USA Bank Account.

    If you are found in some countries like china, Germany is Very difficult to become a picker their because the country is very strong when it comes to security they will track you and arrest you.

    So to become a Picker you will need to find a way to relocate to USA to become a citizen of USA and get all the necessary documents for Becoming a citizen of USA.

    So through that way you can assist hustlers in picking up their money and get paid in commission, that is a lazy man lucrative business.

    How Much Does A Picker Earn

    A picker doesn’t have any specific amount they make but the tag price should be from 20% but that will be base on the money gotten from the victim.


    Now you must have learnt how to become a picker.

    So which one will you want to become ?

  • A Yahoo Boy
  • A Hacker
  • A picker
  • Stay Safe

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