Yahoo Format For Buying And Selling Investigation [Exposed]

Is not longer a new thing that people are looking For Yahoo Format For Buying And Selling PDF Download And Buying And Selling Format For Yahoo.

This is just a simple investigation on this format for you to know what this format is all about and how To protect your self.

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Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

On today’s article, I am going to teach you how Yahoo boys use this method in defrauding their victims.

We have many formats you can use when it comes to Yahoo work, be it Dating Billing Format , Bitcoin Billing Format or any other Yahoo Format.

Yahoo Format For Buying And Selling PDF Download Exposed

Yahoo Format For Buying And Selling PDF Download

Buying And Selling Format for yahoo is the process of selling items to client, you can choose to be selling cloth or shoes.

Here I will be narrating it to yahoo local format.

This format works well for local work.

Tools Needed For Buying And Setting Yahoo

These are The Tools Needed For This Buying And Selling.

  • Google Voice Number
  • Fake Bank Account
  • Photoshop Editor
  • Google Voice Number [USA Number]

    This is the number they will use in chatting with their client.

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    Fake Bank Account

    The fake Bank Account is where yahoo Boys receive money from their client and with this fake bank account, they can receive this money anonymously without any trace.

    Photoshop Editor

    Photoshop Editor is the application they are going to use testimonials proof from people they delivered cloth or items to so other people will believe that they are real.

    When you have all those tools and you know how to use it, next thing now is to apply it.

    Don’t forget you are claiming To Be Selling Goods.

    Sample Selling Of Shoes To Women.

    Hey Mummy, I Have this latest Shoe I wanna sell to you and this shoe is the trending For Women, I am Mr Job By Name, If You Are Interested In The Shoe, you can let me know, I will be looking forward to your Respond.

    That is How You Will Put Your First Message And The way the Woman reply will determine if you are progressing or not.

    And don’t always be in a hurry to bill her, when she says she is interested, next thing to do is to drop your fake Account details to her and once she pays the money, you will block her.

    This method can work for both men and woman

    Conclusion On: Yahoo Format For Buying And Selling PDF Download

    buying and selling format yahoo remain one of the best yahoo Format you can use.

    Note: Yahoo is illegal and you should stay away from it because when you are caught, you will face the law, The Nature of this content is for eye opener for you to know how it works so you can stay away from doing it.

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