How To Use Yahoo Employment Format

This is Just A simple Investigation On Yahoo Employment Scam Format 2024 And How To Use Yahoo Employment Format so you will protect your self from getting scammed using this format.

This method of Yahoo Format which is know As Yahoo employment scam format is one of the format that is working when it comes to Yahoo Boys Format That works.

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Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

What Is Yahoo Job Employment Format

Is just a process of tricking you to leave your high paying job and to be employed in a company that claim to pay you a reasonable amount of money for adding a little effort Towards the work.

By using this format, your main work is to find a way to Cashout money from those your client or victim looking for job.

Keep reading, in due time you will find out how this is been done So You Can Avoid Getting Scammed.

How To Use Yahoo Employment Format [Exposed]

Yahoo Employment Format : How To Use Yahoo Employment Format

This is how to use this format, you have two ways to use this format for scam; which is listed Below;

  • Advertising (Advert placement)
  • Direct Messaging
  • Advertising (Advert Placement)

    In other for you to use this format effectively and for the this format to work for you, you need to place advert that you have a work for your client or you need worker’s.

    When it comes to advertising, you need to make use of a good platform where you place Advert and millions of people can see that particular advert world wide And when it comes to this particular type of advert you can make use of Facebook Advert or you can also post on Facebook.

    With your advert seeing for job seekers you can choose to make the offer to be available for any language either English or France.

    You can claim to promise them to migrate to Canada or Germany For The work.

    This is the best format you can use in this Yahoo Employment Scam Format and the example on how you can put up your format to your client.

    Example OF Yahoo Employment Format Letter/message

    We Need An Experienced immigration That is professional In His Filed, He will help you with canadian visa application process With The Minimum wage of $100 every 24hrs of your work, And You Have free launch Break. Team of legal and professional experts That Are Dedicated to help people To obtain immigration visa to Canada And Advice on how to increase points in order to be eligible for permanent residency visa.

    You will put up that message as a write up either in form of a message or you can write through mail, but that one will work well when you are writing through direct messages.

    Yahoo Employment Format Direct Messaging Sample;

    With this yahoo Employment Scam Format Method I think you don’t need to pay for advert all you need is bulky sms generator is a software that will enable you to send bulky mail to your client on the particular type of job you are recruiting people into and how benefits the Job will be to them, Not only using email, you can still do it on WhatsApp.

    But in other to do this in a professional way you have to get Facebook involve because With This you can create a Facebook page In a professional way, the Facebook page have to carry a job name, it can be like Job And Visa working In Dubai Or Canada.

    The main message is going to target Nigerians but you need foreign countries inside in other to make the page look professional.

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    See The example Of Employment Scam Format Here.

    You can Choose Any Kind Of Job To Advertise.

    Still On Yahoo Employment Scam Format, You Can Choose Supermarket and security jobs in canada.

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    Supermarket and security jobs in canada

    A Rytes Food Group supermarket is in needs of full time workers to join Their sales and cleaning department, any educational level is accepted Workers are wanted worldwide in our different branches. You must be willing to work accordingly as your responsibilities will include:

  • Sales of food and drinks – salesgirl
  • Cleaning of supermarkets – cleaners
  • Arrangement of shops – cleaners
  • works according to order – all workers
  • Account recording – cashier
  • Maintaining the delivery truck – drive
  • Still On The Yahoo Employment Format Below Are The Available positions:

  • Cashier
  • Salesman
  • Salesgirl
  • Customer care
  • Store keeper
  • Cleaner
  • Driver
  • If you don’t Have any Visa Don’t worry we will provide A Visa For You.

    Yahoo Employment Scam Format Sample Message 1

    This is How The Message Will Be Like;

    Hello Mr Max.

    We Have Received Your Application Letter Towards working At One Of Our Company In Canada, Congrats You Request are Granted Accepted By Us and you will be Paid 1500$ as Your Salary And This money will be Paid As Soon You accept The Work Permit to work in our Company in Canada as a security man.

    When you put up the message like this, next thing he or she will do is to accept the message and what you are going to do next, is to tell the client to secured this job with 500$, if not the job will be given to another person.

    When you tell the client to do like that, he or she will do that because he or she will know that many people are on the line looking for that particular job.

    That is How You Will present your message and when they pay the 500$, then you will do the needful.

    Conclusion On: How To Do Yahoo/Job Employment Scam

    This is the Yahoo Employment Scam Format and How To Do Yahoo/job Employment Scam, please if you don’t know how to convince someone avoid this format because if not Dating or Hookup Format For Yahoo That involve begging Client, using the job scam Yahoo Format, you need to know how to convince a client.

    Thank You.

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