Yahoo Boys Quotes And Meanings : Best Yahoo Boys Quotes

This are some Yahoo Boys Quotes And Meanings : Best Yahoo Boys Quotes,

If you are a Yahoo Boy or Yahoo Girl, you need this motivation Quotes to keep hustling and believing that one day you will Cashout from doing yahoo.

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  • List OF Yahoo Boys Quotes And Meanings : Best Yahoo Boys Quotes

    Yahoo Boys Quotes And Meanings : Best Yahoo Boys Quotes

    (1). Battery wey full go still low, battery wey low go still full, our prayer be say make our charger no spoil.

    (2). Congratulations go reach everybody. If God bless you, no loose guard your blood.

    (3) Traffic wey dey vex driver na him dey give gala seller joy, no dey whine grace

    (4) Rain wey beat us today go wash our Benz tomorrow

    (5) Who no show you road no suppose know your location

    (6) The dog wey dey wait for the fattest bone don die of hunger aje, wise up and make this mula cause no one knows tomorrow. Investor iTunes card says so.Yahoo Boys Quotes and Meanings

    (7) Na person wey follow me fetch water go follow me bath

    (8) Respect Who Get But Fear Who Never Collect

    (9) When dey say hustle hard , e no be by strength cause even Dangote no fit lift one bag of cement

    (10) Person wey dey find money no dey off data

    (11) Na Who Stay Awake Dey Collect

    (12) Who sweep wey no pack go sweep again when breeze blow.

    (13) Who first buy car na him buy old model

    (14) Trust no dey the street if not water no go dey cook fish, no loose guard

    (15) We dey drink garri no mean say fried rice no dey fridge

    (16) Your indomie quick done no mean say who dey cook beans lazy.

    (17) Hot water wey dey make egg strong na him dey make yam soft, be humble.

    (18) Oluwa if na butter dey delay my this bread send am like that I get beans

    (19) Iroko tree say when them cut am no be axe na em pain but say the handle of the axe na wood

    (20) Make your gen no loud pass your cash out

    Yahoo Boys Motivational Quotes And Meaning

    1. “Sleep is for the weak”
      This quote literally describes the fact that Yahoo boys have to stay awake all night to
      communicate with their supposed clients (victims). So, when someone often say this, it mean he or she doesn’t sleep most of the nights while they work tirelessly to defraud the potential victims.

    2. “Life na selfie, if anybody no gree snap you, snap yourself make you sexy”
      This quote is a motivational one. It mean if nobody will push you to bring the beast in you, you gotta push yourself towards the actualization of your dreams.

    3. “God over everything, steady confirmation.”
      This is a quote that illustrates the need for man to place God above every other venture he engages himself.

    4. “Congratulations go reach everybody. If God bless you, no loseguard your blood.”
      This quote simply implies that there is a season for everyone to be celebrated. Then, if God gives you a blessing, you have to keep the success with all diligence.

    5. “Your Indomie quick done no mean say who dey cook beans dry lazy. Las Las,
      congratulations go reach everybody.”

    6. “Person wey dey manage with you fit buy your papa house. Humble yourself.”

    7. “Respect who get but fear who never collect.”
    8. “No joy for street, all man for himself.”

    9. “Na who stay awake dey collect.”

    10. “Sun wey beat us today go wash our benze tomorrow.”

    Conclusion on: Yahoo Boys Quotes And Meanings: Best Yahoo Boys Quotes

    This Quotes will motivate you to hustle more and believe that you will Cashout one day.

    That is all.

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