Wire Wire Format 2024 [Exposed] : How To Avoid Wire Wire Format

Investigation On Wire Wire Format For 2024, Wire Wire Format For Yahoo protect Your Self From Getting Scammed.

Do you want to know how to use wire wire scam format for yahoo? Keep reading

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Wire Wire Format 2024: How To Use Wire Wire Format For Yahoo in 2024 [Exposed]

Do you know as a Yahoo Boy you need to be aware of this format.

Probably you must be familiar with that of Dating Format ,But I want to tell you that wire wire format is the best and is very easy to use.

Let me expose to you how to start wire wire as a Yahoo boy.

I will be giving you a little hint about it, you can source the remaining information,

I hope you know that this wire wire format is very risky and can get you caught And if you get caught you will face the law.

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

How Wire wire Format For Yahoo Works.

This type of scam is solely depending on the use of real email accounts that comes in a very active way, just for the sake and purpose of stealing money or high jacking a database.

Wire wire normal occur when a victim write a mail to wire money during a transaction. The scammer always send a fake check as a payment request

The Three basic Fundamentals to this Scamming method

The Scammer hijack the domain name that look alike like the name of the targeted organization.

how to do wire wire Depends on the artists research about the targeted organization, look for the name of the senior officers in that organization.

Scammers also make use of a wire wire scam format as a ‘’social engineering’’ in other to hijack the name and email address of their targeted company staff

who is capable of wiring large sums of money in respect of the company. They hijacked email address to speak with that high -profile staff with the sole intent of robbing that company.

Wire wire Format

Below is How To Use The Format For Yahoo [Exposed]

Create or Buy Email Logs

Since your main purpose of the target is to target a big organizations and companies, you will have to create email that look alike like the companies own their so you can use it to collect information from the company.

You will always be needing two people who you are going to be needing to infiltrate and collect their emails.


CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

That is Since you don’t have the capability to infiltrate and buy their emails, there are people who sell them and you can buy it easily.

Most of these guys are found on the dark web, so you can see how to buy email logs from the dark web.

Login and Search across the Email

The purpose for getting the e-mail log is to have get admission to to their database and acquire all feasible records that you could want. You don’t want to do some thing with the e-mail or try and extract your password or some thing, that isn’t your concern.

Your main aim is to look out for businesses that want to patronize the company and monitor the conversation to know when payments want to be done.

Track Payments and Conversation

The subsequent step is to tune the communique among the CEO and different companies that need to patronize them.

Just ensure you realize the e-mail of the opposite agency that desires to cord money. Then wait until they need to finalize payments.

Create a Duplicate Extension Name

Now, that is wherein the task receives technical due to the fact you need to carry out a few technical spoofing jobs.

So if the company’s call is Hyndra limited, and their internet site call is www.hyndraltd.com, you’ll must extrade it.

What a cord cord yahoo man will do with the cord cord layout is to shop for a reproduction internet site area like www.hnydraltd.com (are you able to see the difference?) and construct it to be much like the principle company’s own.

This will make it hard for absolutely everyone to understand that the internet site is fake.

This method is called “phishing” but this time around, you aren’t phishing for any information. you are only duplicating an already existed website.

Intercept the Transaction

Don’t allow them to ship the bill from the unique company, ensure you ship the bill and insert your account variety in which they’ll twine the cash to.

I endorse you employ a picker to help you choose up the transaction and cash. This is in which the twine twine layout is absolutely applied.

Pick the Money and Wire Back to China

This is the best place for you to send the money to, and you are going to have make it as fast as possible.

If the money is still in America and the company files a case due to that , you and your picker will be arrested. So all you have to do is to act fast and move the money out of America immediately.

It is advisable you have another picker in Hong Kong or the China Republic that will receive the money from you once you wire the money back to China.


We still have other things you can use the format for, but you can make more research on that.

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