Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogspot

Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogspot Good day Guys Today I Will Be telling You The Main Reason Why WordPress Is more recommended Than Blogspot , The reason Why You should Use WordPress  instead of blogspot , These has been the major problem and the major keywords on search engine , Always when I come across some keywords on google like What makes WordPress More Recommended and advance Than Blogspot , why pro blogger make use of WordPress instead of blogspot , let me start by defining the meaning of WordPress and the meaning of blogspot

What Is WordPress

WordPress is a free content and Paid Content management system used to build and maintain websites/blog . Its ease of use and has  unique blogging features , which   helped it  become the most popular blogging tool on the web. WordPress provides a web-based user interface for designing, publishing, and updating websites. , WordPress is of Two types , Which is the normal Paid and the free hosting , WordPress can be seen as a script been installed on a host in other to set up a blog ,

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What Is Blogspot /Blogger

Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogspot

Blogspot can  be seen as a website that is used to store blogs that people create , Blogspot is a free hosting site , been managed by google , It is a google owned product that allow users to use their gmail account to create their own blog for free and make money from it

Reason why I prefer WordPress than blogspot

Is because. , many pro blogger make use of WordPress due to may things they archive from WordPress , eg Seo , Plugins , Quality themes and many more

In WordPress , WordPress has a responsive theme over blogger /blogspot , WordPress theme can fully optimize for seo and it  is of two times which is the premium and the free theme , the premium theme and free are far far better than that blogspot own  due to may reason. Responsive ,seo friendly , comment email subscriber

In WordPress , It has a plugin , in fact with plugin you can do everything in your blog which blogspot did not have , blogspot is base on coding , with WordPress plugin you can set table of content in your post , you can set related post , you can set inline post , you can place ads and ads are much better in plugin unlike the blogspot you will have to do everything by coding

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in WordPress , It  is Seo friendly and the seo is very easy to set and rank   in the front page of the  google with the help of yoast seo plugin , with WordPress the seo plugin can guide on how to write seo article that can rank on the front page of the google , while blogger/blogspot don’t have all this features , rather everything on blogspot is been done mannual , which is not good for seo , the ranking factor of blogspot ranking is poor due to lack or knowledge of seo guide towards writing seo article , so is recommended to use WordPress instead of blogger that is as a pro , but if you don’t have money , you can start with blogger after when you have money  , you can migrate  to WordPress

In Conclusion

Normally I will chose a WordPress before setting up or embarking on a blogging journey , should I say WordPress is the best ,  because is Seo friendly , fast to access , plugins ,it can make more money (lolz) , please I will recommend WordPress to you in case you want go start journey twords blogging

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