Why People Use GB WhatsApp: All About GB Whatsapp

You might be wondering Why People Use GB WhatsApp, Don’t worry On This Article I Am Going to be teaching you the primary reason Why People Use GB WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Have Different features and it has many reasons why people make use of it that is why you need to read this article words from words to know why they make use of such Whatsapp and the main benefits of making use of it.

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What is GBWhatsApp?

GB Whatsapp Remain The most popular WhatsApp mod, which was launched On 2014 and it became very popular with the passage of time. And now millions of people are using it.

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WhatsApp GB is one of the most secure and used WhatsApp alternatives. It comes with many features that are not available on the official whatsapp. With the help of GB Whatsapp apk, you can read deleted messages and statuses too and you can also download the status of your friends using GB.

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With GB WhatsApp You can also freeze and hide your online status in this WhatsApp mod. Multiple themes and flight mode is also available in this WhatsApp, which makes you a pro social media user. You can change the entire look of your WhatsApp.

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Why People Use GB WhatsApp: All About GB Whatsapp

Reasons Why People Use GB WhatsApp?

We have many reasons why people make use of Gb Whatsapp while today I am going to be showing some of the reason why people make use of Gb Whatsapp.

1: Anti Message and Status Delete

Anti Message and Status Delete is one of the reason why people make use of Gb Whatsapp because you can see deleted message and status of your friends, that is the major features people make use of Gb Whatsapp.

So Due to This feature people love using GB WhatsApp, because this features plays a great role and is better than the old Whatsapp feature.

2: More Privacy

Their is many privacy Attached to this Whatsapp, what you need to know is that this Gb is a mod version of normal Whatsapp and it come with different features, it come with feature that can change chat color and back group of Whatsapp chat settings.

3: Download Status, Copy Captions and Bio

Another feature of this application is for Downloading and copying of Whatsapp status, with this you can easily download some one Whatsapp status and copy some one status, that is one of the main reason of this Gb status.

This gb make save you the stress of stressing your eye to see what your friends post or the message they delete, so is advisable you make use of the Whatsapp and have peace.


The above write up is all you need when it comes to using of Gb, I guess now you have seen the reasons why you should use that Whatsapp and benefits of using that particular Whatsapp over any other type of Whatsapp.

Enjoy using GB WhatsApp.

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