Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up? : know The Reasons

Are you wondering Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up? , In Today’s Article I will explain in Details why it is hard  for them to stop.

Every beautiful girl these days thinks since they are beautiful they can easily use what they have to make money.

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Most of these girls don’t believe In working, this hookup we are talking about is advanced prost*tution.

What is Hookup?

Hookup is nothing but advanced prost*tution which is all about using your body to make money s*xually.

Most of this Hookup is basically done buy secondary school girls or some that just finished secondary school.

Most girls believes that s*x is not done for free, you do it in Exchange of money that is why it is called Hookup.

Since you have know what Hookup is all about the next thing is to know Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up, And Effect of doing hookup.

Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up?

Why Nigerian Girls Can't Quit Hook Up

Do you know that we have many reasons why many Nigerian girls can’t Quit hookup and which some of the reasons are listed below.

Some Go into hookup for their own financial benefits.

1: For Payment Of School Fees.

Most Nigeria girls that are in higher institutions go into hookup because they want to pay their school fees, because most of their parents are not capable to pay their bills.

2: for clothing.

Cloth has become another fashion in town that it has become a competition that most people go into hookup because they want to get money to buy the latest cloth that is trending.

Because most of them want to compete with their friends, they choose to go into hookup in other to make it happen.

3: For feeding (Buying Of Food).

Feeding is among the reasons Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up?, Most of the girls are broke, they can’t afford money to buy food so they only think the best alternative to buy food is to go into hookup.

4: For Transportation.

Most girls that are in school that don’t have transportation mostly go into hookup because they need money to be transporting their self to school, so transportation fees is one of the reasons Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up.

Effect Of Doing Hookup

Hookup comes with different disadvantages which some of them are listed below;


Since hookup is all about using what you have to gain what you want, you might end up getting sexual transmitted disease,

So is adviseable not to go into hookup because is not a thing of encouragement.

Untimely Dead

When you do hookup it can lead to untimely dead because you can contact disease that is not curable, or you can be used by Yahoo Boy for rituals.

Conclusion On: Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Quit Hook Up

Is advisable you stay away from hookup and have peace of mind.

If you are a student and your parents are not capable in seeing you in school is Better you find hand work to learn and better your self than going to school and start Hookup .

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