Which phone is good for Yahoo Work : Iphone Or Android?

investigation On Which phone is good for Yahoo Work?.

You need to know the kind phone yahoo boys use so if you see them you can avoid them.

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Which phone is good for Yahoo Work : Iphone Or Android?

Which phone is good for Yahoo Work : Iphone Or Android?

Let me first of all tell you what yahoo yahoo is all about.

What is Yahoo Yahoo And Yahoo Formats

Yahoo Yahoo Is the process of stealing from people and this stealing mostly target some countries like USA, And Uk and also Nigeria and this yahoo is mostly done by an able lazy youth know as Yahoo Boys, That is All On Yahoo Yahoo, let me explain To you what Yahoo Formats means.

What Is Yahoo Format?

Yahoo Format is just a guide line that yahoo boys follow in other to be able to scam Thier Client and this format is just a written documents that explain how yahoo is been done and this formats are of different categories.

List Of Yahoo Yahoo Formats for Yahoo Boys.

  • Dating Format
  • Bitcoin Billing Format
  • Trust Billing Format
  • This are some of the list of yahoo Boys Format’s To Bill Client.

    Now Next thing is to know the phone that is good for yahoo work.

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    Which phone is good for Yahoo Work

    When it comes to phone do you know some people keep on searching on queries like;

  • How To Do Yahoo With Iphone.
  • How To Do Yahoo Without Laptop.
  • How To Do Yahoo with Android Phone.
  • How To Do Yahoo Without Phone Or Laptop.
  • But when it comes to Which phone is good for Yahoo Work?, I must tell you that laptop is good for a pro yahoo Boys, But when it comes to phone you can go for iphone Apple Phone like iPhone 13 pro Max .

    Why I said You Should use iphone 13 pro max is because the phone is fast and easy to use, because when it comes to Yahoo work, you need a good working fast phone for Yahoo work.

    Still on Which phone is good for Yahoo work, I said iphone is good for the yahoo work most especially iPhone 13 pro Max, But if you can get a laptop is the best for Yahoo most especially when your own Pattern of yahoo requires bombing.

    Know that you have know The best phone that is needed for yahoo work, next thing now is to know application needed for yahoo work.

    List OF latest Applications Needed For Yahoo Work And Latest Yahoo Boys Softwares And Apps

    Below Are The List Of Yahoo Application Needed For Yahoo Work.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • VPN
  • Bitcoin Wallet
  • Translator App
  • Photoshop App
  • Facebook

    Facebook is a social media application you can use to chat with your client, You Can Get Client On Facebook.

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    Is still a social media application that you can easily get client from, when you get the client, you can transfer the client to Whatsapp for proper chatting.


    Vpn helps you stay anonymous online, it helps you to change your location and hide your IP address online.

    Bitcoin Wallet

    With Bitcoin wallet, you can use it to receive payment anonymous without any trace,

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    Translator Application

    This application helps you to translate a chat with your client, it works beta when you are using China Work Yahoo Format .

    Photoshop Application


    That is it on the best device to use when it comes to Gee work.

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