Twitam : Understanding How Twitam Social Media Works

Twitam is our major Topic for Today ,Am going To Be talking On What Twitam is all About , How  To Register On Twitam

is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can share what matter and have fun. Make we share am, post am and twit am without any restriction.

What is Twitam

Is A social Media like Facebook  that was created  by Paul Samson the owner of Nnuforum , this is a social media that was created basically as an alternative to Facebook for Nnuforum member use in sharing sponsored post known as viral share on Facebook time line , since nnuforum is having issues with Facebook , so they decided to create their own own social media , which they use in sharing their sponsored post ( viral share) on their time line , And this is more than a social network because on the platform when you refer some body to register under you , you earn some dollars as commission

Before Becoming A member, You Must Be a member Of Nnuforum

Click Here To Register On Nnuforum

Understanding What Twitam Is all about

According to Paul Samson The CEO Of Twitam 

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He said

Dear supporter,

Welcome to the new official NNU Forum page on where we will be sharing update and viral share of the platform.

This social network is new and well promoted with huge campaign for more large audience all over the world starting from Nigeria.

Therefore, we will be using it as Facebook alternative as we have been facing a lot of issues on Facebook lately. If Facebook don’t allow us to trend, this new power house social network will do without any restrictions and limitation.


While we partially promote on Facebook for more audience, we will keep growing to be the power house alternative option that works without worry, without banning account.

Now, you don’t need to be border about Facebook deleting our post or your Facebook account got hacked. Just make sure you complete your Twitam account here and even get some value.

Henceforth, Twitam complete profile and active account will now be used in place of Facebook account and be part of verification to get paid mostly as a regular earner.

The new platform we have been working on will be ready this week. Get prepared.

Thanks for your support and cooperation as we grow this new social media together. alternative future one of the largest social media

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How To register  On twitam 

Click Here To Register On Twitam

That is all


To get paid On Nnuforum , You Must Be On Twitam  ,Must have complete and updated your profile and you must be sharing the viral post on your Twitam Time line

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