Top 7 lucrative business You can start with low Capital in Nigeria

Hello , welcome again to Philiptechs , today I am going to be talking on Top 7 lucrative business You can start with low Capital in Nigeria , are you looking for a profitable business to start with low capital in Nigeria , you are in the right place , without wasting your time , let me start immediately   , you can start this business with as low capital of 50,000 Naira

Top 7 lucrative business You can start with low Capital in Nigeria < 1, Catfish farming business

When it comes to a lucrative business in Nigeria with low capital, ,  catfish farming business is number 1 .It is a very  lucrative business that doesn’t require any stress or  low stress  in managing the Business . What is required of you is to  understand the basics  and stratages of the business ,  with  50, 000 naira , you will buy two big drums, buy fingerlings, buy food and after getting all those things , your business is  fully ready , all you have to do is to work smartly and earn profit from the business . You need access to water which you can buy water , this is a  great  and comfortable  business and a very low risk.

2,Poultry business

Presently in Nigeria, poultry business is  one of the lucrative business that you can start with low capital and make high profit. ,you can equally start with huge Money that is  if you are rich enough, you can invest over 3 millions on a  poultry business , you can equally also start with  at least 50,000 that is if You can start your poultry in your  compound  and make huge profit on it, yes, it’s easy if you  good enough to manage business.

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Requirement on starting a Poultry business

100 days of chicken
create a good and big cage like a type of battery cage
buy the fodder and voila

With this three things mentioned above, your company is done and the comfort is good. Every successful business has is own risk but on this business you have the low risk and low capital to start. It is before someone will bought 5 chicken and the 5 will die but now there is some liquid drug that you will always mix it with water and nothing will happen to your chicken.

You can equally do some research or ask people that are into the business for more guidline before finally going into the business

3, Making Shawarma / barbeque

Making shawarma is another business you can start with low capital in Nigeria, This business is viable and what you need is to know how to make shawarma and fry and after this, you  have to buy a roasting machine and get the shawarma ingredients. You can hire an expert and look for a profitable location by doing feasibility research (like a hotel).

You have low risk  and there is huge profit potential, if you have money to running this business very well. With 50, 000, you can start the business.

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4, Dry cleaning Business

Dry cleaning is one of lucrative business in Nigeria As we have many people who find it difficult to wash their clothes. The good news about this business is, when you open a shop in a street, research show that, 40 percent of those who are washing their clothes by themselves will become lazy and start coming to you.  you can also do this business at the comfort of your  home,  all you  need is just  a water, you can hire a guy who will iron the cloths for you or do it by your self, you also need to buy a washing machine and a 3 kva generator incase no light.
Very low risk and profitable business

5, Fast food selling Business

Selling fast food is a good business that can fetch you income everyday. You just need a good location  and set up a fast food connection. You also need to hire some people who will help you in time of cooking and washing of plate.

Business to start with low capital in kaduna State

6,Selling of Phones

You can make huge  money by selling phones either London use or new, all you need to do is to  buy the phone at  low price  and get a glass, look for a good location , and that is all.  You need minimum capital to start this business

This business is a very profitable business and it does not require close control, as long as you can record the account of the number of phones (you can place a trusted person there and do other business that will fetch you money), you need a good location if you want to make it faster on this business.

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7,Selling of CD

Top 7 lucrative business You can start with low Capital in Nigeria

Majority of people didn’t know that this is one of profitable business in Nigeria. you just need to buy American movies and English movies at a low price each and them sell it at higher price. This is one hundred percent profit because when you order for a single CD at the rate of 100 naira and you resell it at rate of 200 naira [your profit is 100 per cent]  with this type of business, you can be sure to bring something home, but the risk is high because you have to be in a busy place before you can succeed in sales, you also need to monitor your business, otherwise you may end up on  working for your employees.

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Conclusion on: Top 7 lucrative business You can start with low Capital in Nigeria

If you run any of the business well you are going to make profit from it , please don’t forget to share this article

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