How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria

Have You Been Looking For Delivery Agent Work in Nigeria Before?, Today I will Teach You How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria.

Have you ever work as a real Estate agent or an agent, you might be likely to know what it takes normally to become one of the largest online Retailer in Nigeria.

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that is why I am writing this article in a detailed format to teach you How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria.

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Do you know that Jumia is an African largest Online Store, largest e-commerce site in Africa which the marketplace deals more of electronics And Fashion.

Jumia Mission is To Offer the widest range of products at the best prices and connecting the sellers and brands with millions of consumers across the continent all over Africa.

How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria

How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria

Do you know that you have a great opportunity To make money as a jumia agent under the jumia brand.

if you want to become a jumia agent in Nigeria below is what you need to do.

1: You Need to Be trained by a sales consultant that is the first step in becoming jumia delivery agent and also you need to register with Jumia JForce Team to work as an independent sales consultant on jumia.

What is JForce?

JForce is just an offline sales part of the jumia brand, and jumia still remain the largest leading e commerce company in Africa.

Is also a community of a salesmen and women making order for their personal use or for resale for their friends, family and other in their community to get paid commissions for every order.

With the help of this JForce you are empowered to own a business of your own and become a boss of your own in your own business Filed.

2: if you are also a shop owner you can still register with them for empowerment.

3: immediately You are done with your registration Properly you will automatically get a mail from jumia giving you more information about it.

4: when you are done with registration and when it comes to selling of products, what you need to know is that you must be selling a jumia supplied items, is just like like an affiliate marketing, you sell people product to get commission, you will sell Jumia product and get commission by doing that.

5: you can also get a commission for bringing a new consultant, when you bring the new consultant in the business as long as the consultant is making sales, you will also make sales.

Wrapping Up: How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria

6: still on How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria, jumia will educate you on how to become a financial entrepreneur independent and how to become a boss on Your own.

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7: You Can Also Join Jumia as an agent by signing up on their website as an affiliate marker, when you sign up on jumia as an affiliate marketer, you will get commission for every product you sale.

8: You need a strong laptop and stable internet connectivity and zero capital in starting it.

9: you can still use other network to promote your product, you can run Facebook Advert on social media to get sales.

10: Running Ads On social media platform for your jumia product will increase your sales, that is why you can use social media platform to promote your product, you can choose to run Facebook Advert, Twitter, Pinterest and other ad network, when you do this, you get paid for that by the sales of your product.

What is Jumia Agent Delivery Service

This is just a delivery items been order by customer to be delivered by customer by jumia agent.

Due to that, the more items you order, they more delivery you will likely to make, you get paid base on the amount of goods you deliver, the more goods you deliver the more paid you get, if you deliver more you will get paid more.

In other for you to become a jumia agent, you must make sure that you have two Accounts which the account will be jumia and JForce Accounts.

How Long Does It Take Take Jumia To Deliver Product?

Immediately You place an order on jumia, your delivery process will start immediately and once the delivery attempt is been done twice and fails, the order will be cancelled, the delivery will start from 7:00am to 5:30pm 2 times within 5days.

About The CEO Of Jumia

The Founder of Jumia is Juliet Anammah as CEO of Jumia Nigeria At The end of 2015.

In January 2020, Juliet was replaced as CEO in Nigeria by Massimiliano Spalazzi, and she was named Chairwoman of Jumia Nigeria and Head of Institutional Affairs, in Africa.

In 2015, something interesting transpired. Oh, yeah. Jumia’s revenue rose by 265% from 2014 to 2016, totalling $234 million. Jumia became the first unicorn on the continent in 2016 after being valued at more than $1 billion.

Jumia’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in April 2019 netted $196 million in revenue for the company.

In the first three trading sessions, the share price—which was initially set at $14.50—rose by more than 200%. 21 days after the IPO, the first analyst papers were published, and they gave the company stock targets between 27 and 40 USD.

Jumia Delivery Agent Phone Number

Every delivery agent have their own customer care contact details that is why I want to give you jumia customer care contact details to call then and make enquires.

0700 600 0000

Hour of operation from Monday to Friday 8 am -8pm

You can call them at anytime with the above number for enquires and for solution.

Conclusion On: How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent in Nigeria

Becoming a jumia Delivery Agent In Nigeria is profitable, I have explained everything on How To Become Opay Delivery Agent In Nigeria, Read and learn and take action and make money from doing that.

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