TBD income program :How I Made 26k From TBD income under 3weeks

TBD income program Review Is A life Changing platform That have earned me 26k under 3weeks and will keep me earning so far the Internet is on , on this post I will tell you how I earned 26k under 3weeks from TBD income program , TBD income program is Same thing As Team bulldozer income program

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TBD income program

A friend of mind was the person that introduced me into the platform , at first I was like , is this another referring program , the guy said  referral is optional , I was like how can I make it big from this platform without referral , he said referral is just an additional way to earn more , he said if I can’t refer , I should focus on advert sharing , to my greatest surprise to cut the story short , when I started sharing the advert on my Facebook , some of my friends started asking me what TBD income program is all about , I started explaining to them and they pick interest I started registering them , so I decided to open a WhatsApp group which made me get a lot of referrals , Why am saying this,  is to  tell you that you can earn what I have also earned from TBD income program ( team bulldozer income program if you can take action and join us with a one time registration fee of 1500

My personal Payment On Tbd income program

TBD income program

Tbd income program Registration guide

My Dashboard

TBD income program Review :How I Made 26k From TBD income under 3weeks

Summery on how it works

TBD Income program is a sustainable side money making opportunity created by Team Bulldozer with the aim of giving Nigerians the privilege to easily raise huge capital for any long term business of their choice.

Team Bulldozer stakeholders had a deep thought and concluded that instead of looking for loan to startup any desired long term business, it is better to work smart and raise the capital by leveraging on a proven income generation system.

Starting any business with your own money gives one peace of mind and guarantees easy access to financial freedom and this is the inspiration behind the eruption of TBD Income Program.

As a participant, you could be earning at least N3,000 to N,5000 daily using your mobile phone.It gives even a novice the opportunity to achieve his/her dream with less pressure.

On TBD Income Program, you can raise N25,000 within a week to become a stakeholder in Team Bulldozer with a lifetime opportunity of receiving weekly shares based on the team’s growth and also FREE supply of made in India health products that guarantees good health & longevity plus free international trips, car awards and other prizes.

What video on how to share Tbd post and earn

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How Does TBD Income Program Works

✔️Purchase a lifetime premium membership pack of N1,500

✔️ Earn 50 activity points any day you login to your dashboard

✔️Get paid anytime you share sponsored contents to your social media timeline

✔️ Earn 200 activity points per each content you share to Facebook. You can share 1 to 4 sponsored contents daily

✔️ Get instant N1000 bonus for anyone you refer to grab this opportunity. That is N10,000 for convincing 10 persons to join TBD Income Program.. This is completely optional

✔️ All activity points are converted to naira while you get paid directly to your local bank account Note:  Referral bonuses are paid on a weekly basis while all activity points are paid on Weekly basis also once you reach the minimum of 2000 for activitie and 3000 for Affiliate earning  you can request for withdrawal and payment is every friday.

How To Register On TBD Income Program

Note :The Guide Line Below Will Show You How To Register Successful And Get Your Account Activated

below Steps With Screenshot Is The Guideline On How To Register Successful And Get Your Account Activated Instantly , Before you Register Make Sure You Have Your Epin Code Ready Before Starting The Registration Process

Firstly, you need to buy an Epin for your registration. The Epin costs 1,500 which is one time registration.. Send me a message on Whatsapp for Your Epin Code And For assistance

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After Getting Your Epin Code , Click On  The Link Below To Start Your Registration ,Note: Make sure You Use Strong Browser Like Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox Browser

Click Here To Join TBD Income Program

TBD Income Program

Your referral Must be philiptechs , As You Can See Above

TBD Income Program

Follow The Steps On The Secreenshot

Follow The Steps On The Secreenshot

Follow The Steps On The Secreenshot

TBD Income Program

What is The Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum Activity Earnings withdrawal is N2,000 & Minimum Referral Earnings Withdrawal is N3,000

Kindly Join Our WhatsApp Group For Furthermore Assistant And Guideline Below

Click Here To Join TBD Income Program Official WhatsApp Group

Note : I only answer People that Register through my Affiliate link Which is Philiptechs

warning , Before you Click On This WhatsApp Icon You have your Money Ready To Join ??Oforum

Proper accountability, good management and genuine transparency form the major reason why the sustainability, is 100% guaranteed✍️

You Can Watch The Video On It

conclusion On : TBD Income Program Review :Is legit and is paying , Don’t allow an opportunity To pass you , Take Action And Start Something  Profitable For Your Self ,  Please Don’t forget to Subscribe On The blog and share Us with Your Friends

Happy Money Making

Note: Early Bird Benefits A lot

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