Review : Find out What Supersage is All About

Welcome to ptechs , on today’s article we will be talking about Review , after reading this article , you will find out what is all about , if is legit or scam , we have written review ranging from Supersage Smart Contract Review , 250Tron Review , and today we are going focus on Review Review Review

What is All About

Supersage smart contract known as is a crowdfunding platform for the new generation and has no relation to the pyramids.

The principle of a financial pyramid based on the fact that most of the money concentrated in the hands of its creators. The sooner you come, the more money.

A pyramid scheme can be closed at any time. The participants of the platform SUPERSAGE – both leaders and newcomers – are equal. To stop the platform, no one can, because its functioning is ensured by a smart contract that cannot be deleted or changed.

Even if the site will stop working, all the data and structure will be in integrity and smart contract will continue to operate as long as there is Internet and electricity.

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How Does Work

The Program is base on S3 and S4, is a matrix with a limited number of seats. The matrix S3, there are three locations in the matrix S4 – six.

When completing the matrix, it opens the same new auto. Each program has 14 levels. Each level is exactly 2 times more expensive than the previous and allows you to earn 2 times more.

SUPERSAGE S4 is arranged in such a way that all participants help each other. You can obtain spillovers from upline or downline, however, make a lot of money, doing nothing will not work.

To provide a passive income in the future, you need to make some effort to attract new partners and the opening of new platforms in S3 and S4.

Inviting a few active people in your team, you will be able to earn good money and achieve their goals. How quickly this will happen depends on you. Review

invite 1 person to immediately recoup the initial cost of participation in the project. The platform works based on the smart contract blockchain system.

Code of the smart contract is in the public domain. All payments go directly into your personal wallet, without any hidden fees and without third-party resources.

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This ensures that any amount you earn belongs to you and only you,and the money you can use at the same moment, as they did to you on the wallet, without having to wait or requests for payment.

Who is the owner of

SUPERSAGE does not have owner, There are the creators of the Smart contract who works in the Tron blockchain. This means that the platform is fully decentralized (i.e. it has no leaders or admins).

How to join

This can happen for two reasons: – your partner came to you in the first line of the matrix S4. You will receive the payment only at the second line – your partner took the last free place in the matrix S3 or S4, activated reinvest. In this case the payment went your upline structure.

How To Register on ( Registration)

Kindly click on the link below

Click Here To Join Supersage

Please make sure you join the WhatsApp group below for assistance on how to join Supersage smart contract

Click Here To Join Supersage Official WhatsApp Group

To register on SUPERSAGE, you need to have a purse Metamask (extension in Google Chrome) and refill it.

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Minimum amount to get started 250 + 250 TRX without Commission network of the blockchain, then go to the affiliate link and click “Automatic registration”.

You don’t need to enter personal details – name, email address. After you register, you are assigned an ID (identification number)

250TRON smart contract

Conclusion on : Review : Supersage is legit is 100% legit , if you join early , you will benefit from spillover , please don’t forget to share with your friends and also join our telegram group and whatsapp group

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