What Is Social Cash App ?: All You Need To know About Social Cash App

Have you heard of Social Cash, This is my honest Review On Social Cash.

In this article I am going to be talking About Social Cash Review And Everything You need to know About Social Cash App.

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What Is Social Cash?/About Social Cash App

Social Cash App is An Android And iOS App that is Built for the purpose of Sending And Receiving cash, selling products and earning From it, using your favorite social media apps and download videos, This is done in one app!.

Social Cash is a Fintech App under the company of TecheraX Global Ltd Partnering With providus Bank.

With Social Cash App you can perform many transcations like Airtime purchase, Data bundles Purchase which with the help of the data bundle you can use it to browse your favourite Website.

Is not only limited to Buying of Airtime And Data bundles, with the use of social Cash App you can buy And sell crypto currencies And Same time you can invite your friends to join social Cash And Earn money via Referral.

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In this my review on Social Cash Review I am going to tell you everything you need to know About Social Cash App And Who is the brain behind social Cash App.

Social Cash Review: How Does Social Cash Work?

Social Cash Review: How Does Social Cash Work

Social Cash works same way other Fintech App works but with a little features attached to it.

I have come across many people asking how social Cash works, as I said earlier that social Cash is A Fintech App that is build for the purpose of performing multiple task online.

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How Social Cash Work? : Social Cash Review

With the help of social media app you can buy social bundles online like Airtime And Data bundles.

With the help of app you can Sell and Buy Crypto currency At Cheaper rate.

With the help of the app you can download videos on Facebook, Twitter And Instagram.

All The Features Of Social Cash [Social Cash Review]

Below Are The Features Of Social Cash, All you stand to gain when you register On Social Cash.

1: Sending And Receiving Dollars.

When you are using social Cash App you can send and receive dollar to your business partner.

What you need to know is that it is not possible to send a dollar to someone that is not using social Cash, if you want to do that then you need to convert the dollar to naira.

2: Sending And Receiving Cash In Naira.

Still one Social Cash review, You can send and receive money in naira using social Cash, what you need to do is to link Your BVN to make it possible.

When you link your BVN you can perform numbers of  Transactions with the help of the application without any transactions Fess Applicable.

3: Fund Your Wallet .

The important of this wallet funding is that you can send money to your SC wallet for future use which you can save the money their.

5: Buying And Reselling Of Airtime Data.

Data is Life, when you don’t have data on your mobile device, the device is not fun to use.

With the help of social Cash you can buy Data And Airtime in Bulk for reselling and make money from doing that.

If you want to buy Airtime on social Cash all you have to do is to login to social Cash website or using the App.

Select on Airtime Purchase And Input your mobile phone number and Network provider And Buy your Airtime or Data.

6: Buying And Selling Crypto Currencies

With the help of social Cash you can buy and sell your digital assets at a cheaper rate, but these features will be available on version 2 of the App.

7: Accessing Social Media platform

Still on social Cash review, with social Cash you can access all your social media account at once .

Social Cash supports only Instagram, Facebook And Twitter.

If you want to use social media app on social Cash login your account on social Cash And select your preferred social media Account and Login.

8: Buying And Selling Dollars  At Current Black Market Exchange Rate

As a member of social Cash you are allowed to buy Dollars and sell at current exchange rate but this will be possible if you are using social Cash App.

9: Fast And Reliable Customer Support

One thing about this SC cash is that they have fast and reliable customer support that attend to you anytime you have problem using the App.

10:  Social media Video Instant Download

With the help of this application you can download video on any social media network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram instantly.

Still on Social Cash App next Thing is to know the brain behind social Cash App.

Who Is The CEO/Founder Of social Cash Apps?

Alot of people have been asking who the CEO social Cash is.

The owner of social Cash is no body but Richard idasenibo, He is The CEO And The founder Of social Cash App.

How To Register And Sign Up For Social Cash

If you want to register And Sign Up On Social Cash you need to follow the instructions below;

  • 2: Download The Application.
  • 3: Install The Application On your phone.
  • 4: Register On the Application.

When you are done with your registration with the help of the application you can login in to various social media app like Facebook, Instagram And Twitter.

When you are done with the registration you can link you BVN to perform higher transcations.

You Don’t need to worry about the BVN is safe, social Cash don’t store your information so linking your BVN is safe with them, the purpose of linking this BVN is for you to perform higher transcations.

Can I Make Money Using the Social Cash Referral Program [Social Cash Review]

You earn money from this platform by referring your friends and family to join the platform.

You earn 10% referral per each person you Referral to join social Cash.

How To Withdraw From Social Cash App

Still on social Cash Review,  Many people find it difficult to withdraw from social Cash app that is why they keep on asking how To Withdraw From Social Cash App.

Let’s assume someone sent you funds in your social Cash account and you want to withdraw the funds all you need to do is to click on social Cash withdrawal and input your bank account and click on withdraw funds.

When you click on withdraw it will take less than 5minute to receive your money to your local bank Account.

How To Fund Your Social Cash App

Still On Social Cash App, If you want to deposit or fund your social Cash App you need to follow the steps below;

  • 1: Login Into Your Social App.
  • 2: Click On wallet.
  • 3: Click On “Add Cash”.
  • 4: Input The Amount.
  • 5: Select Your Bank And Pay.

When you are done you will receive a successful message.

Is Social Cash App legit?

Social Cash App is legit And Safe to use , Social Cash App, what you need to know is that social Cash App will never store or resell your information And information you put on the site is only know by you.

Conclusion On: Social Cash Review

Since you know what Social Cash App is, You Can Go Ahead to Download The Application And Use It For Your Transcations.

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