Review : Is Legit Or Scam ? Find Out Review: Is Legit Or Scam ? Find Out

Day by day we keep seeing different kinds of platforms but this Afpreciousmetals is one of the platform that is trending.

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What I will be covering in this review is all about, like Review, Is Legit?, Is Scam, How Does Works, How To Register On, Registration/Sign Up, Login/sign-in,  Minimum Withdrawal And Review.

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About| Review Review : Is Legit Or Scam ? Find Out is an online investment platform that promises to provide individuals with an avenue to grow their wealth through strategic investments. Operating on the principle of pooling funds, claims to invest in various ventures to generate returns for its members. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface and a range of investment plans to cater to different financial capabilities.

And which when you register on the platform, you earn by performing some specific task on the platform which include referring/inviting you friends and family to join the platform using Referral link. When any body register via your affiliate link, you get commission from them by doing so .

This was launched on the 13st September 2023 and the platform has been proven to legit according to the website.

How Does Works?

They have different investment plans which you can choose below; Investment Plan

Meta Quest 2 Active Pack

Price (₦): 1500
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 21% (₦315)
Total Profit (₦): 1500

Meta Quest 2 Standard Facial Interface

Price (₦): 3000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 26% (₦780)
Total Profit (₦): 3000

Meta Quest Pro Replacement Kit

Price (₦): 5000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 28% (₦1400)
Total Profit (₦): 5000

Razer Facial Interface for Meta Quest 2

Price (₦): 10000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 30% (₦3000)
Total Profit (₦): 10000

D-Link VR Air Bridge

Price (₦): 20000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 32% (₦6400)
Total Profit (₦): 20000

Meta Quest Pro Charging Dock Replacement

Price (₦): 40000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 34% (₦13600)
Total Profit (₦): 40000

Soundcore by Anker Wireless VR Earbuds

Price (₦): 80000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 36% (₦28800)
Total Profit (₦): 80000

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset for Meta Quest 2

Price (₦): 100000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 38% (₦38000)
Total Profit (₦): 100000

Meta Quest Touch Pro Controller Bundle

Price (₦): 200000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 39% (₦78000)
Total Profit (₦): 200000

Meta Quest Pro

Price (₦): 300000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 40% (₦120000)
Total Profit (₦): 300000

Meta Quest 2

Price (₦): 500000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 42% (₦210000)
Total Profit (₦): 500000

Meta Quest 3

Price (₦): 800000
Cycle: 300 Days
Daily Profits: 45% (₦360000)
Total Profit (₦): 800000

How To Register On Registration/Sign up

In other For You To Register On, You Need to Fill Up The necessary information below;

  • 1: Click Here
  • 2: Put All Your collect Information.
  • 3: Click On Register To Register On The Platform
  • Choose an Investment Plan: Select an investment plan that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

  • Monitor Your Investment: Keep track of your investments through your dashboard. You’ll be able to see your daily returns and overall progress.
  • Withdraw Earnings: When you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold you can request a withdrawal, and your earnings will be sent to your designated bank account.
  • How To Login On Login/Signin

    For you to be able to register/sign up or login/Sign in on this platform, you need to provide the collect Information below;

  • 1: Your Verified Mobile Phone Number
  • 2: Click On Signin To Login Your Account
  •  Referral/Affiliate Program

    Do you know that you can also earn on this platform through referral earning/affiliate commission earning.

    The referral earnings/Affiliate earnings can be archieved in the process by which you refer your friends and family to join this Platform through your affiliate link which is also know as referral link in other to earn commission by doing that.

    One unique feature of is its referral program. This program allows members to earn additional income by referring friends and family to the platform. Here’s how the referral program works:

    How To Withdraw On And Minimum Withdrawal

    To withdraw your earnings is very simple once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, the minimum withdrawal amount is N1000 and can be withdrawn anytime.

    Once you start earning, go to the withdrawal page to see when your withdrawal is ready, place your withdrawals details and wait for 42 hours for your withdrawal to be successful as promised by the platform.

    Remember you will be charged with a withdrawal fee of 5%. You can withdraw your earnings using your bank by providing your details.

    Is Still Paying And Does Pay Without Referral?

    No payment prove has been found yet and we don’t know if they platform pay without referral.

    Who Is The Owner And Founder Of

    The owner did not review his or her identity so we don’t know the owner of this platform.

    Is Legit?

    No record to say if is legit or scam because we have not seen any prove of payment yet, so we can’t say is legit.

    But in other for you to join the platform, make sure you invest what you can afford to loose.

    Is Scam?

    No any report on this platform to say if is scam but when you have any information about it make use of the comment section below;

    Conclusion On: Review


    By reading this review, I guess you must have learnt Review, is legit or scam and how works.

    If you have any issues drop comment below:

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