Sickness Billing Format: Please Avoid This Format , is illegal

Exposing How Sickness Billing Format For Yahoo is Done So You Can Protect Your self from Getting Scammed.

Sickness Billing Format for yahoo is Almost Same With Medical Format, Accident Format And Hospital Format.

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Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

Sickness Billing Format For Yahoo Exposed

To bill your client using this sickness format you will need to Gmail, Grammarly, Pc/phone, Fake sickness image, you will choose a sickness that will make your client feel pity on your and at same time sympathize with you.

You can choose a sickness like stroke, Kidney Failure, liver Failure etc.

In this blog post I am going be providing to your the tools you need in other to carry out this sickness Billing Format without the use of sickness Billing Format pdf.

Requirements for sickness format

I am going to list the Requirements tools you will need in other to Successfully bill your client using the sickness format.

Below are the requirements for billing your client using sickness format

Fake Social Account

You can create fake account on some Dating platform like Tinder, OkCupid and eHarmony, Note: You need to make your Gender on your profile to match with what your client like, you can use either male or female or you can still use gay, that is depending on your target.

Email Address/Personal Details Of Target

You need to figure out on how to get their personal details like their email address or number before sending to them the sickness Billing Format.

Some social media display the email address and contact details why some hide it, so all you have to do is to mingle with them, chat with them to get their contact details.

Fake Email Address

The email you are going to be using must be fake, because that is the email you are going to use to send the sickness Billing Format for yahoo to the client and Google email is highly recommended because it hides your IP address.

If you choose to use any other email, your yahoo sickness letter will be send to your Client spam mail box, trust me not every body check spam mail, so you need to be Extral careful.


When it comes to illegal hustle, Grammarly app is highly recommended, because this app enables you to be sound in your writing grammar, you can make use of it especially when you are poor in writing English language, Make sure you use the premium version.

Pc or Mobile Phone

When it comes to Yahoo Business, your Pc or Mobile phone is your key to success but you don’t fully need pc because their is no much work in this format.

All you need to Do is to use your Android Mobile phone and type the Yahoo sickness letter and send to your client.

Sickness letter

Sickness letter is your main key when it comes to this yahoo format of this sickness Billing, you must use one letter on one client don’t use same letter on any other client.

Yahoo Sickness Photos

This aspect is the aspect you need to take serious , you need to get a good looking picture of a sick person, get sick person picture mostly from USA, Canada, Mexico and Edith the picture very well.

Sickness Billing Format

Sickness Billing Format

Sickness Billing Format for yahoo is one of the easiest and simples Yahoo Formats that you can make use of to billing your client fast.

Note: The sickness format is different from that of Medical Format

Below are The Steps and Guideline On How To Do Yahoo Sickness Billing Format

Prepare The Tools

I have mentioned the tools above, which you can use in running the sickness yahoo format, this format is what you can do at the comfort of your house.

Find A Target

This is the process of getting a client, in other to find a Target that will become your client us this social platform like Facebook, Twitter, OkCupid etc.

Before you open a social media Account you will need to understand what your client and the best Gender to use either male or female or at same time gay.

Dating billing Format work same way sickness Billing Format works , they work hand In hand, you can start by using a romance scam format with your client and later you will tell your client that your are seriously sick.

Since the client love or like you alot they will try that possible best to assist you, so they will send you some money to treat your self.

Make The Target Your Client

That your target you have seen, you will need to convert it to a client.
You need to chat frequently with your client and become very close to her that is if you want the sickness Billing format To work for you. You will need to be patient with the client up to 6 to 7days so the Client will settle with you.

Collect Personal Details

You need to lie to your Client that is if you want to get her information, you can tell her that you base in Dubai or that you are a Dubai Residence that you will like to know her own country of residence.

You can also lie with your Occupation, You can tell your client that you are a contractor Engineer By profession.

Then Collect the necessary information you need from your Client, like their Email, Occupation And Country before going ahead to send the sickness Billing Format letter in the social Account to the client.

Send The Sickness Letter

This is nothing but the act of sending fake sickness picture to your client for assistance, you need to send the letter with the sickness picture attached to it.

Keep trying that on different client you must surely get one that will pay you.

Bill The Client And Cashout

This sickness Billing Format method will be successful when your client send you money.

Never you request for your client bank details when using sickness Billing method because if you do so that means you don’t want to cashout.

Letter For Sickness Billing

Note: Make use of The details of your mobile wallet like payoneer, PayPal etc.

Conclusion on : Sickness Billing Format for yahoo

The above information is all you need when it comes to sickness format for yahoo,

This method will work for you if you get the right client and you don’t Need any sickness Billing Format PDF to run this.

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