important seo factor you should keep in mind as a blogger

Hey today we will be talking about the seo factor To keep in mind as a blogger the Most important seo factor you should keep in mind as a bloggerToday am going to be sharing to you some tips and tricks you need to keep in your mind as a blogger

seo factor To keep in mind as a blogger

Many business these days  have their own blog which is use for marketing tools and exposing of their business  , to make their business well known

Research on Keywords Before Using Them

Researching on Finding keywords can be difficult when you do it on your own. ,There are keyword tools you can use such  as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Using these two makes it easier to find keywords.

Use Keywords More Often in Your Article but don’t over do it

After  finding your keywords on The Topic  you want to write on ,  use the keywords in few
sentences In  your content., Remember it is not all  about writing keywords in your content/article. , but you should make whatever you are writing on to be interesting to the reader . , Put your  keywords in the title, headings, subheadings, and in each paragraph. Please  make sure you don’t over do it , so that the article/ content will not be boring to reads , and always remember you are  writing the article  for people not for your self .

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Target And focus more on long tail keywords

Targeting long tail keywords in your post is very important , they are the keywords that have low competition , they are always very easy to rank

Use Social Media Sharing option

Social Media will  help your blog seo ,you should try to make your site popular on social media , You should try to include social media sharing options in your blog. So Your blog readers can  share your posts with their  friends on social media. This will increase the number of visitors visiting your blog.

optimize the image on your blog posts

This is the process of optimizing your post with an image to make it better understand for your visitors , is like posting and article wit the explanation of the post with an image for better understanding to the reader

Sometimes it better you put image
on your post to make it interesting to your visitors/Audience, because some people like seeing pictures in a blog post for their better understanding ,  You can optimize your image to Instruct search engine bot about  your keyword when they are crawling your site ,by putting your keyword in the alt tag of your image before uploading them to your blog post , it can also I can increase the chances of ranking with image (lolz)

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interlinking your blog post

Interlinking is the process of linking your blog post to the previous ones , Many Newbie bloggers always make the mistake of quick pressing on the publish button after writing A blog post ,which is not suppose to be so , because you don’t know the post that will bring massive  traffic to your site. , By interlinking your blog post visitior / Reader will stay longer on your site and it will increase your blog page view

Add related and recent post features to your blog

This is the process of showing related articles similar the the one your are currently reading , it increase the chance of making visitors stay longer on your blog and decrease the bounce out rate of your blog. If you are not having this feature on your blog before , try and add this feature on your blog

Constant updating your blog post to keep Your Visitors  current

it can be seen as regular updating of your blog post to keep your readers updated and not outdated , Keep updating your blog post that has been outdated. Update current   information and valuable tips on your blog to keep your readers up to date and current

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Conclusion on the  : important seo factor you should keep in mind as a blogger

The above explanatory is the seo factor To keep in mind as a blogger and the>
Important seo factor you should keep in mind as a blogger
  , Follow the steps explained below to be successful in this blogging field , with that you can turn blogging into a career

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