How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy

Have your heard of zappy App and you are wondering How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App, Don’t worry I will Guide you on how to Do that.

In this article write up I will be Talking About zappy App Review, How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App And Everything You Need To Know About Zappy App.

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We must have come across different online wallet app like Opay, Palmpay And The rest, I must tell you that this App is just same thing with opay and payment but with a different features.

Keep reading in due time you will understand what zappy App is all about and the brain behind zappy App.

What Is Zappy App? (About Zappy App)

Zappy App is an online wallet App that you can use to perform many services online.

With the help of Zapp App you can enjoy seamless Transactions Online by making use of the Zappy App.

The most interesting part of this application is that you can use it to send and receive money from any where in Africa.

You Can make use of this Application to pay bills easily, Bills like electricity Bills, Go TV subscriptions, Buying Of Airtime.

The most interesting part of this application is that if you are a Hustler and you are a Crypto Currency lover you can make use of the app to exchange your Digital Currency.

Zappy App Review

As I stated early that Zappy App is a wallet which can be used for carrying out numerous translations.

With the help of the app you can Buy Gifts Card, Host rewards using zap pin and you can also convert Your Airtime To Cash buy using zappy App, Zappy App is different and very easy to use.

How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App

How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App

If it comes to How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App is very easy because all you have to do is to visit play Store Or App store And search for Zapp App And Download.

When you download The Application on your phone is very easy to use All you need to do is;

  • Sign Up/Create Account with Zappy.
  • Login Your Account.
  • Input Your Login Details.
  • Located Your Account Number.
  • Copy Your Account Number.
  • Click On Send And Input The receiver Account Details.
  • Press ok And Send.

You are Done And With in 5 second the person will see alert, that is how you can send money using zappy App.

When it comes to receiving of money using zappy App, you will need to copy And give the sender your Zappy Account details in other to use it and transaction with you.

You can open this zappy App Without the use of BVN, But if you don’t use BVN you will not get a higher limit of transactions but If you want a higher transcations limit then you are expected to upload a valid ID card and pass port.

By uploading a valid ID card your transfer limit will increase then you can Perform higher transcations.

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Does Zappy App Charge For Transcations?

I have come across many people online asking question like, Does zappy App charge For Transcations?.

The answer to this question is capital know, if you are using zappy App for small transcations then you should know that your transcations are totally free.

Zappy App will only charge when you have upgraded your account for higher transcations limit, by doing that and while doing transfer you will be charge a little money for doing so.

Who is The owner of Zappy App?

Some of their users are totally confused about who is the real owner of Zapp App.

Do you know that most people think that is Raphael Anthony that owns the Zapp App, I must tell you no that he is not the owner he is just a staff their.

The CEO and Founder Of Zappy App is know Body but Omere Kelly, He is Also The Founder And CEO Of

Is Zappy App Legit ?

This zappy App is real and is trusted, you can go ahead and use the Zapp App for your various Transactions.

Zappy App is legit.

Don’t forget we are still on How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App, The next thing is How Zappy Works.

How zappy App Works

This is how Zappy App’, all you need to do is to open account with them.

When you download the Application Install it and creat an account with them .

  • Login And Access All The Features Of Zappy App.
  • Start using the app for your transcations.

How To Make Money using Zappy App

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This app is not app that you can use to make money

In this aspect on How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App, you will need to earn via referral link.

With your zappy App you can make money from the referral program,

You can choose to to send your referral link to you and your family.

You can only make money by referring people to join zappy by following your referral link which is know as affiliate link.

Features Of Zappy App

The main features of this zappy App is That Your transcations are secured.

Secured Transactions.

Your money is secured while using zappy App because is only you that have access to your money.

Fast Payment

By using Zappy App For your transcations just know that you can make payments any were and any time.

Easy Process

Is very easy to use for both registrations and for transcations.

Conclusion On: How To Send And Receive Payments Using zappy App

Zappy App is really Good and The design is very simple to use, you can start Using them for free to perform transactions and you can also Trade your Gift card with Them.

Thanks for Reading.

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