Is A Pure Scam Dont Invest.

seedershub Review: Is what we are going to be talking about , on this post we are going to Know if seedershub is legit or scam ,

Before I start ,

Note: Paulsamson The Owner of Nnu is Still the Owner of , Paulsamson is a scammer be aware

seedershub Review : What is SeedersHub

According to the admin of the website

SeedersHub Multi-purpose Co-operative is developed with a unique premium membership system, endowed with zero to low-interest loan and affiliate system that will enable you to earn more money for easy payback of loan without money pressure.

seedershub Review

How To Get Started On seedershub

When you grab SeedersHub opportunity and decide to join our cooperative, the registration process is as simple as ABC mainly online. Fill the registration form while you provide your bank account details where we can send money to as you complete your registration with your one-time non- refundable membership fee of ₦3,100 only. No monthly charges and no fixed savings. Members can decide to save any amount as they want at any time but a compulsory contribution of at least ₦1,000 within 30 days (monthly).

Your ₦3,100 membership fee is divided to the following three value pack while the ₦100 serves as transactions fees:

seedershub Review

One third affiliate commission = 1k: Paid to whoever that referred you to SeedersHub. You will also get paid this same referral commission when you refer people to join SeedersHub Cooperative in multiple times as we have an industrial state of the art affiliate system setup for you to earn more money with us.

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One third service fee which also by passes your first starter loan interest = 1k.

One-third first saving/investment fee
with 18% profit annually = 1k:
Paid daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly per adventure you don’t wish to apply for the first starter loan or not eligible for
loan approval yet. You can as well save/ invest more to earn more returns as a cooperative member.

seedershub Review:  Loan Plan and Benefit

We have cooperative loan packages to start with, which are designed with an easy process to fit your needs, and also help you grow as you build trust with SeedersHub. You will gradually unlock larger loan amounts as you progress while you are eligible for the first starter loan immediately you join the cooperative.

Starter Loan Package: From a minimum of ₦5,000 to get started with zero- interest for only this starter loan. So, you can always pay back the exact amount. As a bonafide Seeder, you have an
opportunity to refer people also to become a Seeder while you earn ₦1,000 commission per referral, which you can as well use to pay back your loan. Otherwise, you can always pay back your first loan within 30 days and unlock other loan packages + more opportunity and benefit if you cannot
refer anyone. How Sweet!

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NOTE: If you take a loan, you can pay back by funding your wallet or refer people to SeederHub and pay back your loan with a referral commission. Very easy at your convenience.

On the other hand, you can as well refer people to us and earn your commission, save/invest for more returns or cash out anytime you wish without applying for a loan. We offer you a multiple choice of financial freedom. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Professional Loan Package – N10,000

Expert Loan Package – N15,000

Business Loan Package – N20,000

Master Loan Package – 30,000

Ultimate Loan Package – N35,000

Sapphire Loan Package – N40,000

Emerald Loan Package – N50,000

Ruby Loan Package – N60,000

Diamond Loan Package – N80k

Enterprise Loan Package N100,000 and

On SeedersHub Cooperative, we offer more value to our members starting with a level loan package that unlocks more benefits and bonuses for members.

seedershub Review :Savings / Investment

Immediately you join SeedersHub Cooperative, your one third membership fee (₦1,000) become your first savings/ investment that earns your 18% interest annually. Interest will be credited to
your wallet daily, which you can withdraw to your bank account at any time. On SeedersHub Cooperative, there is no fixed amount for savings, you can decide to save any amount daily, weekly
or monthly depending on how you want it, you just need to make sure you contribute at least ₦1,000 within 30 days. The more you save, the more
returns for you + benefit.

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seedershub Review: Payment Process

We also have an easy payment process either during registration or funding wallet. You can make payment online with your card or using Voucher purchased from the Seeder agent to enable a manual process to fund your wallet or epin membership registration process.

Read more from their website @ SeedersHub: How it Works 

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