Riby.me Review : Scam Or Legit Find Out Everything You Need To Know

Riby.me Review is what I am going to be talking About On today’s Article

After reading Riby.me Review you are going to Find out if Riby.me is legit or scam

Hey if you you want to know fully what Riby.me is all about you need to read this article from beginning to the end

When it comes to review of websites are apps when have written review ranging from Guarantee Downline Club , Protrader.ltd And many more

But in today’s review our main focus is on Riby.me Review

Riby.me Review : Is Riby.me legit or scam Find out

Let me fully go into the main thing for today

What Is Riby.me All About

Riby.me Review

Riby is a company that provides platforms for accessing financial services to the unbanked, underserved population.

Riby has a software solution that helps cooperatives digitise and automate their activities.

Riby has an agent network that will further enable it to reach its target audience in rural areas. Individuals who are interested on becoming agents can apply directly to Riby.

Riby Agent Network

Talking about Riby Agent Network

Riby.me review explain as it main target is to ensure that the underserved and unbanked citizens have access to finance and financial services.

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Also the plan is to hire a qualified candidates and train them in other to help them to underserved and carry out their financial activities at various
remote regions in Nigeria.

The agents within the network act as an extension of Riby on the field by actively selling Riby’s products and services.

How can I become a Riby Agent

Is another question people are asking on How to become an Riby Agent

Become a Riby Agent you have some creterial to take note off

The following are the required Things you need to become an agent

for the Riby.me network.

Agent must be literate

Agent must have an Android phone

Agent must have active phone number

Agent must have active bank account

Agent must have BVN

Benefits of becoming a Riby Agent

You have many benefits to gain when you become Riby agent some of the benefits are listed below

It helps to Build a Stable Income-As a Riby agent, you are going to receive attractive commissions on all transactions performed through you.
Be Your Own Boss-It is your work, your time and your schedule.

Combine it with other sources of income or not, all from the location of your choice.

Must be literate (with a minimum of senior school leaving certificate).that is you must be educated

Have at least #5000, for a working capital in a valid bank account.

How To Apply For loan on Riby.me (Riby.me Loan Application)

Step 1: Click on “Apply for Loan” on the dashboard

Step 2: Enter member ID or phone number

Step 3: Confirm member’s information and continue

Step 4: Select loan type and enter amount and details

Step 5: View loan repayment schedule and continue

Step 6: Enter required: Middle Name, Residential Address, Occupation, upload a Passport and enter Guarantor Information

Step 7: Enter account details and click submit. You will get a confirmation that your application has been sent

Riby.me Registration

Riby.me Registration to register on it click the link below

Click Here To Register on Riby.me

After clicking on the link above , fill the necessary information below

Email Address

User Name

Phone Number

Contact Information


Riby.me Sign up

To sign up on Riby ,you need to take not of the information below

Step 1: Download the Riby Agent app from Google Play Store

Step 2: Tap ‘Become an Agent’

Step 3: Enter your BVN. Make sure your device is connected to the internet to verify if the BVN entered is correct. Tap “Continue”. (Note: The Agent Registration form has four steps
that need to be completed.)

Step 4: The verification retrieves first name, last name, phone number, and date of birth. Some fields become pre-filled after the BVN verification is complete.
Enter your correct details in the empty fields. Select your gender, enter your email address and Tap “CONTINUE”.

Riby.me Withdrawal

Step 1: Launch the App and log into your account.

Step 2: Tap on your profile logo at the top left corner of the App.

Step 3: Tap Withdraw My Funds.

Step 4: Select your linked account and enter the required fields.

Step 5: Tap Transfer Money.

You will get a response message saying “Withdrawal made Successfully”.

Riby.me Agent Ranking

Tier 1 –an agent in this tier is allowed a daily maximum of #80,000 (in fund transfer), #100,000 (in bill payment) and a wallet balance limit of #200,000

Tier 2 –an agent in this tier is allowed a daily maximum of #200,000 (in fund transfer), #200,000 (in bill payment) and a wallet balance limit of #500,000

Tier 3 –an agent in this tier is allowed a daily maximum of #400,000 (in fund transfer), #300,000 (in bill payment) and a wallet balance limit of #1,000,000

Is Riby.me Legit

Base on the information we have gotten base on if Riby.me is legit ( Is Riby.me Legit) , so far so good is legit as for now but things can change so invest wisely

Is Riby.me scam

Is Riby.me scam is what many people are asking also , is not scam but things can change later so invest wisely

Conclusion on : Riby.me Review

The above information is all you need to know about Riby.me , And base on if Riby.me is legit or scam , no platform last for ever but joining on time gives you Chance’s of making profit

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