Reasons Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

Reasons Why Bloggers Quit Blogging , Is what Am going To be talking about To day , On this article I am going to be talking Basically On The Reasons Why Bloggers Quit Blogging , And How To Be A Successful Blogger

Blogging Has Never Been An easy Thing But The Major problem is to know What You Want For your self , Reason while many fail was due to Money They want To Rush Into Blogging To Just To Make Make Money Without Knowing What Blogging Is All about And at last If They were not Able To Make The Money But They end up Quitting

Before Starting A Blog You Have To Know What You Are Capable of Doing And What You Know How To Do Best , Let’s Say You are a lover of Technology And You Can Write Well On Technology , You Can Pick A Tech Niche And start and make sure You Will Be focusing On Technology that is Blogging on Technology and not doing Copy And Paste Blogging , With Time if you  Can Monetize The Blog By Applying Google AdSense And Start Making Money From Your Blog , And You Can Equally Take Blogging As a career , Don’t Focus On what  others  Are Doing , Try And Do Something Different , Let’s say Naijaloaded is Into Music Blogging And Is making It You Will rush And Follow him , That is Not Good At All Try Do What You know How To Do Best

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Reasons Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

Main Reason Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

1: Started a blog in the wrong niche.

This is a process Of Starting A blog In What You Don’t Actually Have Knowledge Towards  , Start A blog In What You  Know How To Do best And Put More Effort And You are Going To Be Successful

2: Expecting too much too soon(Money)

Before You Start A Blog Make A decision And Know What You know How To Do Best , You Can Actually Start Blogging As Fun ,then Very Soon You Will Be making It From The Blog , Don’t Start With The Notion Of I want To Start Blogging Because I want To Make money , because if you do so You won’t Be able to be a successful blogger , you might end up quitting Blog

3: Not willing to put in the hard work. …

You Have To Put In hard Work On Your Blog , Take It as Your career , for instand You Can’t Open A shop and leave The Shop To Be selling The Things Inside ,Is Not Done That Way You Have To Be their selling the things Inside The shop , same thing Applicable To Blogging , You Have To Take A bold Step And Work on Your Blog And update it regularly If You want To Be successful In Blogging And not End Up quitting You have to follow the basic Steps for you to get a good result

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4: Too much competition. …

Too much competition is another problem , all you have to do is to put more effort and always make  keyword research  To Get low Competitive Keywords To Blog On For easy Ranking And Build Quality Backlinks

5:No focus or goals. …

set a focus for your self , don’t blog because others are. Blogging  , Stop Copy And Paste Blogging ,

6: Slow traffic growth. …

Work On Your Seo Setup And Build Backlinks In Other To Get Organic Traffic From Google And Out Your Competitor’s

7: Low motivation.

You Can Actually Make YouTube Your Motivator , Watch YouTube Video In Other To improve More

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In conclusion:  On  The reason Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

Blogging is not as an easy as the way some people see it , To realistically set up and money-making blog, you have to do lots of work to get content ready and everything else that comes with it. Most people that think blogging is easy will quit when they realize it’s not!

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