Phonepe payment screenshot Generator 2024 [Exposed ]

Have you heard of Phonepe payment screenshot Generator?, and do you want to know about it to know what is the app all about?

Don’t worry you are at the right place, today I am going to be telling you everything you need to know about Phonepe payment screenshot Generator.

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What Is Phonepe payment screenshot Generator?

Phonepe is an application that is developed by an India man and this app is used in sending fake payment prank screenshot.

It is used as a means of transaction when it comes to pranking of screenshot and the screenshot look real and this is commonly used in India.

The app offers every Indian an equal opportunity to speed up their progress and also it helps in providing fast transactions in India.

Without wasting time let me explain to you how this app is been used and how you can protect your self from getting scammed using the App.

Phonepe payment screenshot Generator

Phonepe payment screenshot Generator

This is how you can detect any Transcations that is been made using this app without much stress.

Phonepe payment screenshot

The Payment screenshot looks like green head and colour might be green but the colour changes anytime, you can see transparent colour at the middle of the circle.

The write up start from the payment of amount to receiver name was successful and the last statement in the app swill be closed untill the Transcations is completed.

Fake Phonepe screenshot Generator

If you are looking for how to make a fake screenshot using Phonepe, you can generate it using the app,if you want to do that, all you need are listed below.

  • Go to Google Play store And Download.
  • Add Text
  • Receipt maker
  • Phone Editor

This will help you to generate the screenshot and if you need the app you can visit or telegram channel Here.

Now you know how the app is been used next thing is to know how to detect the fake Phonepe screenshot payment.

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How To detect A fake phonepe Payment screenshot.

Some people find it difficult to detect it but I will guide you on how to do that without much stress.

  • 1: Make sure you use bank App, confirm your transaction with the Bank App.
  • 2: check the edges of the screenshot.
  • 3: check the time and the date via the screenshot.
  • 4: Check your bank statement if the money Appear their.
  • 5: check your bank account balance if the money have reflected.


The above write up is the best way to detect fake screenshot transfer, kindly stay safe and protect your self.

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