Phone Billing Format For Client Pdf Download 2024 [Exposed]

You are Here Because You want To Know About Phone Billing Format For Client Pdf Download, This is the investigation on this format on How to avoid getting scammed using this format.

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

This can be very simple to use, is just like that of Dating Billing Format.

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When you chat with your Clients, make the chat slow and delayed, snapshot your damaged phone and send to your client.

Before we proceed on how to use the phone billing format to bill your client, you need to first of all know the requirements.

Yahoo Tools For Phone Billing

Their is no way you can use this format without having this tools.

Damaged Phone Picture

This is necessary because you can give excuses that your phone screen is damaged.

When you give such excuse, the client will ask you to snap the phone, you can go to anywhere they repair phone and take a snapshot of any phone and send.

Make sure the phone you are sending is phone like Iphone, Samsung or Redmi.

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Billing Address

Billing address serve different purpose, billing Address is just the location they will send the phone to.

When the phone arrived at that particular location, you can use a picker to pick up the phone.


This VPN can be either free or premium, but I always recommend premium Vpn, and this VPN plays a great role when it comes to Hiding Your Identity online.

Vpn helps also when it comes to accessing a website that is restricted for a particular country but with the use of VPN you can easily change your location and access that particular website.

A Picker

A picker is nobody but just also a scammer, when it comes to Phone Billing Format For Client, A picker is the person that will help you to pick up the phone.

What you need to know is that you need to make sure that the picker is your friend, he can be your friend that base in another country, the picker will help you in getting the Consignment then Reshipping it to your country.

Always make sure that the picker is a trusted person.

Now Next thing now is how to use this format.

How To Use phone billing format for client Exposed

Phone Billing Format For Client Pdf Download

This is just a simple Method on how to do phone Billing Format For client.

1: Get A Client

What you need to do here first is that you need to find a client first, you can get a client on Facebook or Twitter .

2: Make Use Of Your Yahoo Format

Still on Phone Billing Format For Client, you need to apply any Yahoo Format , you can use dating or any other Format

3: Delay Your chat Replies

In this aspect, in other for your client to believe that your phone is having problem or your phone screen is damaged, you can always delay your replies.

4: Send Proof Of Phone Damaged To Your Client

You can choose to send the proof of damaged phone to your client in other for your client to believe you and after that your can bill your client.

Why you client will believe you, most especially when you are doing romance scam, you can choose to be ignoring video call.

5: Bill Your Client Using Phone Billing Format For client

Since the client will not like you to go offline or loose you, he or she will offer to send you money to get a new phone or he or she will choose to waybill the phone and which you will pick up the phone using a picker.

This phone Billing Format For Yahoo/client works well when you are using the Love Billing Format For client.

Conclusion On: Phone Billing Format For Client Pdf Download

Make sure you are not the one requesting for the phone from your client, always allow your client to choose to send phone for you and always make sure you are always on VPN in other to hide your identity and IP address.

Thank You.

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