How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya in 2024: Full Guidelines

Are You Looking For How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya?, Don’t Worry your self you are at the right place.

DStv is one of the popular satellite TV service provider in Africa That offers Wide range of Entertainment through Their Tv show.

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With the help Of DStv Satellite You Can Watch Your favourite Tv Show Ranging From Entertainment, Sport, News, Music And The rest From Any Part Of Africa Country.

If you are in Kenya finding It Difficult To Pay For Your DStv Satellite Subscription Then This Is How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya.

How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya 2024: Full Guidelines

How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya

This is How To Pay For The Subscription And Method Available For DStv Satellite Subscription payment in Kenya.

1: Quickteller

You can pay your DStv Satellite Subscription in Kenya using Quickteller App.

This Quick Teller App is An online App that enables you to make payment online using it.

What you need to do is to fund your Quick Teller Account And Select Dstv Subscription And Follow The Instructions In The App And Pay For Your Dstv.

2: Physical Payment

When It comes To How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya, You should consider The Physical Payment.

This physical payment is the process by which you located DStv outlet Around your location and give them your customer iD number and make your payment.

When you visit their outlet you can choose to either for the subscription with cash or with your ATM master card.

3: Mobile Bank App

If you have any bank App on your phone, you can use it to pay for your DStv Satellite Subscription in Kenya.

All you Have To Do is To login Your Bank App And Select Cable Payment And Select Dstv And Input Your Dstv ID number And Make Your Payment.

By using The Mobile Bank App For Payment Of Your DStv Satellite Subscription in Kenya is very fast And Less Stressful To do.

4: Mobile Money

You can make use of mobile money for your cable Subscription Payment In Kenya.

Use mobile money app like m-pesa, Is very easy to use, all you need to do is to download the Application And Follow The Instructions And Pay Your cable Subscription in Kenya.

5: Online Payment

You can choose to pay this cable Subscription via online payment.

When it comes to the online payment make sure you pay direct from DStv website because if you pay from another website you might not get the complete channels.

You make your payment by making use of your ATM Debit master card.

That is the basic methods on How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya now let’s to about the prices of The DStv subscription in Kenya.

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List Of Current DSTV subscription Price in Kenya 2023

This prices depend on the package you Are Going For, Below Are The List Of The Prices To Subscribe for.

DStv packages: Price (Ksh.)

Premium 8,400
Compact Plus 5,100
Compact 2,800
Family 1,500
Access 1,050
DStv – French Plus (15) 3,600
DStv – French Touch Add-on 800
DStv – Asian Add-on 4,200
DStv – Pre Asian 9,900
DStv – Portuguese 6,200
DStv – Chinese Great Wall 670
HD-PVR 1,150
ExtraView 1,150

Note: This Prices Change So Always Visit DStv website To Be Updated With The current Price.

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How to Pay for DSTV in Kenya using M-PESA

Below Are The Steps You Need To Follow To Pay Your Dstv Subscription in Kenya using M-pesa App.

  • Visit Safaricom Menu Then Choose M-PESA
  • Click On Pay Bill.
  • Input Your Billing Number”*****”.
  • Input The Amount You Want To Pay.
  • Confirm The Details And press Ok.
  • The following message will be displayed: Sending >>> Sent Wait for Mpesa to Reply, then Click ‘Ok”.
  • You will Get A confirmation SMS of your payment.

You are Done, You can Go ahead And Start Enjoying Your DStv Satellite Subscription in Kenya and that is the same method you will use to renew it.


Always Make Sure You pay your DStv Subscription on Time To Keep On Enjoying Your Favourite Channel.

I will always Advise You to make use of bank App or DStv website when it comes to paying of cables Subscription because you will get the current price list on the App.

I hope I have answered all your Questions, if You have Any Problem Kindly Use The comment Section Below.

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