P Bank Fake Alert Apk Download [Exposed]

Have you been looking for the popular P Bank Fake Alert Apk Download?, This app Is just like a prank app that enables you to do a fake prank transfer.

The app involve fake generation of fake transfer receipt,that is to say you can use it for fake transfer of money which the money will stay in the victims account for 30 minutes before it will disappear.

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This P bank Alert App is more advanced than that of Cardro Pro , Flash Funds and the rest.

P Bank Fake Alert Apk Download Review

P Bank Fake Alert Apk Download

This app was launched recently by some software developer and the main purpose of the app is for fake Alert prank.

The main reason you need to know more about this app is to be able to protect your self from getting scammed via this app.

Before you make use of any app make sure you read reviews online to know if the app Is genuine or not.

At the end of this write up I will tell you if is legit or scam app, keep reading.

Download P Bank Fake Alert Apk Free

However, using fake bank alerts is illegal and dangerous. Sending fake alerts can lead to serious consequences, including legal actions and potential imprisonment. We advises against engaging in such activities.

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Is P Bank Fake Alert Legit Or Scam?

Getting the real app is very hard because many people make use of this app to scam, some claim they have it why they don’t have it so becarefull and buy from the right source.


Now you have know what this p bank app is all about and how to protect your self from getting scammed via the app, always make proper investigation before buying app from vendor because some of this vendors are scammers.

If you need any help don’t forget to use the comment section below.

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