p bank activation code for free And P Bank Software free [Exposed]

Are you looking for p bank Fake Alert activation code for free?   P bank is one of the trending fake alert Apps getting the activation code is really hard.

Disclaimer: The Purpose of this content is for Educational Purpose kindly stay away from fruad because if you are caught you will face the law

The purpose of this article is to explain to you what p bank fake alert App is all about and how to get the activation code.

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This app Is just like a prank app that enables you to do a fake prank transfer.

I have talked about P bank Fake alert Review And P bank Fake alert Apk Download on my previous post but today I will be talking on p bank Fake Alert activation code for free.

Before we talk about the activation code you need to know about what the app is all about.

What is p bank Fake Alert App?

P bank Fake Alert App as the name implies is just a moded app by software developer that is been used for prank transfer.

Why I said is for prank fake transfer is that with the use of this app you can do fake transfer to any bank of your choice but the alert will disappear within  30minuite.

That is to say the app is used for prank screenshot generator and for prank payment.

What is p bank activation code?

This activation is very necessary because the software developer have developed the application in such a way that the application can not work without activation code.

And getting the activation code is very difficult but is only few people have it because fake alert self is not legal in Africa.

Keep reading with time I will show you how to get p bank activation code and for you to also know if p bank is legit or scam?.

What is P bank Activation Code?

The code is the get way password that the developer integrate in the app that enables you to login and have access to the app because without that app you can’t login to the App.

How To Get p bank Activation Code for free And How To Get P bank Software

p bank activation code for free And P Bank Software

This application is not free, you can’t easily get this application due to the nature of the app and because the app is illegal.

Most people on YouTube claim that they have the app which most of them use to scam people by claiming they have the app.

How To Buy a Real P bank Activate Code And Software

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Is P Bank Fake Alert Legit?

The legitimacy of the app determine on the person you get the app from because many people use this app to scam online, so make sure you get the app from right source.

Is P Bank Fake Alert Scam?

It can be a scam when you fall at the wrong hand because many people are on YouTube claiming to have the app which they use for a scam purpose.


This app is new and work same way like that of flash funds, Cardro Pro and the rest but is more advanced, when it comes to getting the code for this app you need to becareful because scammers are everywhere.

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