Nigeria Local Yahoo Format 2024 Investigation [Exposed] Read

This is The Investigation on Nigeria Yahoo Format, This Yahoo Format Know As Nigeria Local Yahoo Format And How To Use Nigerian Local Scam Yahoo Format is one of the format fraudster’s use to make money here in Nigeria.

But I must tell you that this Yahoo Format is Risky because if you get caught doing this particular Nigeria Local Yahoo Scam, you will face the law.

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Note: The reason For The Article Is For You To Know How This Local Yahoo Scam Is been done so you can stay away from it and you can protect your self not to get scammed by this format.

Please I advise you to read this article in between the line.

What Is Local Yahoo Scam Format?

As A Yahoo Boy, You Must Know How To Use This Particular Yahoo Format.

Local scam is a way in which scammers tricks their victim Here in Nigeria to Buying things from them while them scam them and this tricks and formats are of different categories which I am going to be explaining below;

List Of Nigeria Local Yahoo Format [Exposed]

Nigeria Local Yahoo Format : How To Use Nigerian Local Scam Yahoo Format

1: Data Bundle Selling Scam : Data bundle selling yahoo Format

You know that data bundle are one of the commonly used item in Nigeria because many people use internet, so that is what Gave birth to Data Bundle Selling Yahoo Format, is just a method by which some scammers claim to have all this Data bundle at cheaper rate in other to scam your client.

If you want to use this Data bundle Yahoo format, what you need to do is to be posting this advert On Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, Instagram And Also Nairaland , from their you can get people that are interested on it.

But Before You can Post That, make Sure You Make Use Of Fake Facebook Account , when You Post This cheap Data Bundle make sure You Attach Your Whatsapp Number, so people that are interested can contact you.

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

Still On Nigeria Local Yahoo Format, This is The Format On How The Data Bundle Selling Scam Looks Like Below;

Get Supper MEGA! ! BUNDLES!!!*


*3GB ⇒ ₦1000
*5GB ⇒ ₦1500
*11GB ⇒ ₦5,600*
*15GB ⇒ ₦7,000*
*25GB ⇒ ₦10,500*
*40GB ⇒ ₦15,000*
“`One month validity“`
*60GB ⇒ ₦20,000*
*100GB ⇒ ₦28,600*

Nigeria Local Yahoo Format

“`Two months validity“`
*120GB ⇒ ₦50,000*
*150GB ⇒ ₦72,000*
“`Three months validity“`
*325GB ⇒ ₦95,000*
“`Six months validity“`

When The Person Pays For The Data Bundle, what They Do Next is To Block The person .

Still On Nigeria Local Yahoo Format, The Next one is Ponz scheme Yahoo Format

2: Ponzi Scheme Scam: Ponz scheme Yahoo Format

First if all before using this format as one of the Nigerian Local Yahoo format, you need to know what Ponzi scheme mean.

What is Ponzi Scheme?.

Ponzi scheme is nothing but an investment platform that is been used to scam people, they promise of high return and those funds are Gotten by recruiting New Member On The Platform.

Year 2018 we experience many Ponzi Scam which were popularly know as an Income Program.

Ponzi schemes known as income program in Nigeria like that of NNU, Giftalworld, MMM, Zinoly and many more that comes and go.

Ponzi scheme is one of the Nigeria Local Yahoo Format, you can start your own Ponzi scheme, by creating Read News and Get paid site where people can come and preform some specific actives on the site and earn money by doing so, if you can’t create a forum Ponzi scheme, you can go on group and get people which you will add them in your own Whatsapp group and promise to double their money every month.

You can share fake testimonies in that group by using different fake number in other to make it real, you can start sharing testimonies like, I just received my money and this platform is really paying, you can join us and make money.

When you put up your message that way, they will be convinced to join the platform.

3: Fake Native Doctor Scam: Native Doctor Yahoo Format

When It Comes To Nigeria Local Yahoo Format Native Doctor Yahoo Format Still remain one of the format you can use to Cashout easily.

This local scam have to do with spiritual charm that works but which all this are Fake

Who Is A Native Doctor?

In a traditional believe, native Doctor is seen as a person that communication with the devil To get extral ordinary to make things happen and this power can give money and other things.

But I must tell you that most native Doctor you see on Facebook are all fake.

How To Make Money Using The Fake Native Doctor Yahoo Format.

In other to use this format, you need to set up your profile on Facebook or page like native Doctor on face so people will believe you,

You can Set Up your Profile Like This; Click Here To see How To Set Up Your profile Pic.

Next thing is to start posting Your Work On Whatsapp And Facebook group or pages to get client, the post is going to be like this Below;

ORIMOGUNJE TRADITIONAL.MEDICINE Herbal Home & Native Doctor. Office Address No.90.oke moje stree, Atikori, Ijebu Igbo Ogun state. hotline Call +234705483 or whatsapp We attend to people and secure them with our traditional herbal drugs (Root and Leaf ) to heal the best solution on all diseases both in and out of the body in any form.e.g.
Erectile Malfunction,
None Pregnant woman,
Looking husband or Wife
Blood Disease,
Nigeria Local Yahoo Format
Bad Dream,
Business Boom,
Fruit Of The Womb,
Land/Court Case,
Political Appointment,
Win Court Case,
Spiritual Power For Men Of God,
Promotion At Work,
Get Your Love Back,
Secret of Wealth,
Powerful money

And Many More. We’ve help and assist people with our herbs and many of them are testify to that also have mooring both leaf, Seed for total body cleanser for details call @ +234705567

Nigeria Local Yahoo Format

Many client will call you, pretend to be an old man from ijebu ( ogun state) . allow the person to explain what he wants like , riches, power, fruit of the womb. After that just tell him what you wan.

Don’t Forget we are still On Nigeria Local Yahoo Format

I have had you, be assured that your problem will be solved as soon as possible. Meanwhile items like male goat, two hen and
2 bitter cola will be needed for the sacrifice. When you are ready just let me know so we can get started.

Try and convince the person that you can provide solution to his problems. As soon as he send you money for the items, tell
him you have started the job, after some weeks, request for another money, then block him.

Still On Nigeria Local Yahoo Format, the next local scam Format you can is the food ball fix match Scamming.

4: Fixed Match Scam Format: Fixed Match Yahoo Format

If you are a sport lover most especially football lover, you will get to know what Fixed Match Game is all about.

This is just the process of posting fixed match game and which you will use Photoshop or any Photo Editing App To Claim That You win the game.

Which you will create a group and add people in the group either on WhatsApp or Facebook and in the group you will be posting winning games and which you will ask them to pay and join the VIP Group.

This Is How Fixed Match Yahoo Format Works

Both Bet9ja Yahoo Format, Sportybet Yahoo Format And Betking Yahoo Format


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  • Conclusion On: Nigeria Local Yahoo Format

    That is all on Local Nigeria Yahoo Format, you can now see how is been done, make sure you don’t participate in this scam.

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