Moolatask review : Is Moolatask legit or scam ? Find Out

Moolatask review is what I am going to be talking about on today’s Article.

The purpose of Moolatask Review is to find out if Moolatask is legit or scam ?

Keep reading if you want to know if Moolatask is legit or scam.

Moolatask review : Is Moolatask legit or scam ?

Moolatask review Is Moolatask legit or scam

Due to the rate of income site, web developers keep on developing different platform, which some of the platform are use for a scam Purpose.

Most of this platform is aim at wasting of peoples time but the smart ones that have knowledge of referring take advantage of it when the platform is new and make money from it.

Moolatask is some how something different since no registertion fee is needed is totally and absolutely free to join.

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According to the information gotten from the site, moolatask platform is a marketing solution that brings advertisers, business owners and marketers together in one platform.

That means that they help advertisers advertise their products to the public, and pay you to help make sure that their products reach its consumers.

What is Moolatask (Moolatask Review)

Moolatask is a marketing solution network, that is suitable for business owners, advertisers and those that need to make a few bucks online.

Moolatask is owned By The founder of the NNU (which was the first income program in Nigeria) “Paul Samson”. Paul
Samson has created many online platforms that promise to help you earn, which all of them failed.

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According To The Information Gotten From The website, Moolatask offers task services, connecting business owners and advertisers with promoters and target consumers on their campaign network,
helping your business to grow and earn more money online.

How does Moolatask work (Moolatask Review)

The next thing you might what to find out is How Moolatask work.
Moolatask is Totally different from other income program in Nigeria. You Don’t Need any registration fee To Get On board, That is to join the platform, i.e. it is Totally free to join.

The moolatask platform is a marketing solution that brings advertisers, business owners and marketers together in one platform. This means that they help advertisers get more exposure to
their products, and pay you to help make sure that their products reach its consumers.

Moolatask pays its member to complete and perform some digitall marketing tasks daily like The one listed below:

  • 1: Social media viral share
  • 2: Viral #hashtag trend
  • 3: App download
  • 4: Service or product reviews
  • 5: Social media post engagement
  • 6: Viral post commenting
  • 7: Website visit and activities
  • 8: Playstore app review
  • 9: Lead generation
  • 10: General digital marketing task.
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    Moolatask referral program

    Base on the Moolatask referral program,

    Moolatask will rewards you for referring your friends and family to Join the platform By Using your referral link to join.

    Paul Samson has developed This platform in such a way that there won’t be any overpaying or excess referral earning.

    The referral system is based on the total amount allocation as points to be shared among referrals and promoters.

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    Let’s say For example: Moolatask will allocate a certain amount of money between 100,000 to 1,000,000 or more.

    The amount of money allocated to you will be shared among those who refer people. i.e. when someone joins the platform, using your username as referral, you will earn up to 10 moola points referral bonus from the allocated amount.

    When the allocated amount gets exhausted, no more referral bonus on the system pending when another amount of money is being allocated.

    This is to make sure there is money to pay, without overpaying or excess referral earning that won’t be able to be paid out to users.

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    How to make money on Moolatask

    In other for you to earn money on Moolatask, You need to consider performing the task below:

    To earn on Moolatask, you will need
    to be a registered member.

    Registration on Moolatask is absolutely FREE i.e. you don’t have to pay any money to register on moolatask.

    You earn on Moolatask in 4 ways :

    1. 100% Moola task bid budget by advertisers
    2. 10 Moola point referral bonus
    3. 1 Moola point daily active bonus which will be
    converted into a naira figure in your wallet.
    4. Monthly top referral incentive/rewards
    sponsored by Ad brands including mobile
    phones, laptops, electronics, gift vouchers and

    How to register on Moolatask (Moolatask Registration Guide)

    When it comes to registertion on moolatask is absolutely free.

    Click To Join at

    Note : when you click on the Registeration link you will fill the information below

  • 1. Email
  • 2. Username
  • 3. Phone number
  • 4. Referrer username (optional)
  • 5. Password
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    Moolatask login

    For you to login on Moolatask you will need the information below:

  • 1. Username
  • 2. Password
  • Things Needed For Moolatask Registertion (Moolatask Review)

    For you To register on Moolatask, you will need to have
    the following:
    1. An active verified account on
    2. An active facebook account with at least 200
    3. Twitter account
    4. Instagram account.

    That is what you need in other to get on board on the website.

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    Is Moolatask legit Or Scam?

    Base on if Moolatask legit Or Scam or scam, Moolatask is a new platform which might favour the new people to join.

    I can not tell you if Moolatask is legit or scam because base on the Founder which is Paul samson the founder of Nnu and other popular site.

    Since Nnu failed this Moolatask must surely fail but note, to earn on this you need to join the platform on time.

    My observation again is that since the platform is free to join it might likely to be a trick to tricks members to join the platform in other to get members on the site and earn from ad network.

    Note: I am not in any way condeming Moolatask but I don’t believe that free things pay, you can try it out.

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    Conclusion on : moolatask Review

    Joining this platform is at your own risk, we can’t fully recommend it and we are not in any way tarnishing the image of the platform, we write according to past experience.

    Thanks for reading kindly share this post.

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