How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria

you are here because you want to learn How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria ?, Don’t worry I Am Going To Guide You On That.

Making money online in Nigeria legitimately, because most people do all kinds of things in order to make This money.

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With the internet it has been very easy to make money online legitimately if you follow the right track, There are Many Make Money opportunities online.

The make money online scheme and crypto currencies is one of the best opportunities to use and make money online legitimately without defrauding anybody.

That is why in this article I am going to take my time to show you How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria.

Before I Show You that you need to first of all know what Binance is all about before thinking of making money with it.

What Is Binance?

Binance is a website and also an application which people use in trading their digital assets, These digital assets are crypto currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin And Others.

With the Help The help Of Binance You Can Buy and Sell Crypto currencies at cheaper rate and make profit, is not only limited to Buying And Selling, you can still make use of it to cryto currency wallet which you are going to be using for your various Transactions.

That is what Binance is And  the major thing now is on How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria?, keep reading you are going to find out how to do that.

How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria?

How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria

With the Help of Binance Their are numerous ways to make money by using Binance App on Your Mobile smart phone or your iOS phone.

Basic Ways To Make Money From Binance

The ways on How You can make money from Binance are listed below;


This is all about holding cryptocurrencies  coin in your Binance for some period and get rewards for holding the coin.

When you buy any coin from Binance at lower rate  and store The Coin In your Binance wallet which when you hold the coin for long periods of time the coin rate will appreciate which you can easily sell the coin and make profit, that is what Binance crypto currencies staking.

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Still on  How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria, Next things to know is How To  stake On Binance.

How To  Stake On Binance ?

This is how you can stake on Binance

1: Open Account On Binance

You need to have an account with Binance, just go to Binance website and Sign Up And open an account and verify your information to complete your registration, if you have an account on Binance already you can login to the Account.

2: Select The Crypto currency  Stake 

Since Binance has an offer which enables you to select and stake on the Crypto currency of your choice, you can easily check the list of supported cryptocurrencies in your location and stake in any of your choice.
Crypto currency staking is one of the best ways on How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria.

3: Make A Deposit Of cryptocurrency Into your Binance Wallet

This is necessary because when it comes to how to make money online with Binance App in Nigeria, you need to first deposit crypto currency into your Binance Wallet before staking.

4: Select Your Preferred Staking Plan

In Binance they have many plans for staking with their duration and Rewards attached To It, so you will need to select the plan of your choice and at same time mind the risk factor.

5: Start Staking

Since you have selected your staking plan, next thing is to start staking by following the rules that guide crypto currencies staking at Binance .

6: Earn Rewards  For Staking 

You are going to get a commission at the end of every staking and this commission is seen as reward which these rewards will be credited in your  Binance wallet.

Still on How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria, the  next method is through  Trading.


Binance Trading Is all About Buying And Selling of coin on Binance exchange Platform, in Other for you to make money on Binance Trading you need to know that you can gain and also loss, what you need to do is to buy the coin when the price of the coin is low And sell The coin when the price is high And Make Profit from doing that.

Steps On How  To Trade On Binance

Still on How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria, you can easily make money on Binance through Trading, you can do it by following the steps below;

1: Open Account On Binance

In order for you to be able to trade on Binance you need to have an account on Binance, you can sign up and create an account or if you have account you can easily login your account.

2: Fund Your Wallet Account

When you are done creating account on Binance, you need to fund the account by depositing funds into your Binance Wallet And Start Trading, you can deposit into your Binance by using your credit card or crypto currencies and bank Transfer.

3: Select The crypto currency  You Want To Trade

At Binance you have many options to select base on the type of crypto currency you want to trade on, you can choose to trade on Bitcoin, Ethereum or even usdt  or any Coin.

4: place Order And Buy Your Coin

You can monitor coin on Binance platform and input the amount on the coin you want to trade and place order on what you want to buy.

5: Observe And Monitor The Market And Sell

When you are done buying this coin, since is trading, you will need to observe when the price of the coin is high you can trade by selling it to make more profit.

Still on How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria, you can make money through referral program.

How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria  Through Referral Program

When you are done opening/creating account on Binance you will be given a referral link and when some one open account on Binance through your referral link you will earn commission for the person.

Basic Steps On Binance referral program

This is How You Can Make  Money On Binance with the help of the referral program.

1: Open A Binance Account

You  Need To Have An Account With Binance , sign up on Binance, if you already have an account, just login on Binance, that is the first step.

2: Get Your Referral Link

If you successfully register on Binance next thing is to login on, when you login you will locate the referral page and get your referral link

3: Share Your Referral Link

You can share your referral link with your love ones, like your friends and family who have interest in trading crypto currencies  on Binance platform.

4: Earn Rewards/Commission

With the help of a referral link when someone signs  through your referral link And They trade, you will earn some specific commission that is assigned for trading referral program on Binance, If Any One Trust You They will not fear in joining.

Conclusion On: How To Make Money With Binance In Nigeria

With Binance you can make a reasonable amount of money, you can make money via p2p which you will buy cryptocurrency coin from people at lower rate and sell back the coin to Binance at higher rate.

I hope I have answered you on how to make money using Binance in Nigeria,  kindly share with your friends.

Thank you.

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