Mistakes Every New Blogger Must Avoid To Be A Successful Blogger

Hey today am going to be listing some Mistakes Every New Blogger Must Avoid To Be A Successful Blogger as we all know , Blogging has become so popular these days that everybody wants to be a blogger. becoming a blogger is not the issue, the most important thing being a successful blogger. In Our todays article we shall be discussing some common Mistakes Every New Blogger Must Avoid To Be A Successful Blogger

Mistakes Every New Blogger Must Avoid To Be A Successful Blogger

As a New Blogger what you must keep in your mind is that being a blogger is  different from being a successful blogger

A succesful blogger is  a blogger who writes High quality contents, gets alot of Visitors and Make Money From his blog  (Monetize).

A successful Blogger ,He or She Is a Blogger who understands his audience and what they need, He understands keyword research and uses the exact keywords in his posts

while an unsuccessful blogger is the A Blogger who writes and writes without achieving good results and end up accusing his village people of his failure

He is the guy who understands nothing
about keyword research and how to use
them, he lacks knowledge of SEO. He has never experienced the joy of having good SEO scores on his blog

Some Common Mistakes Every New Blogger Must Avoid To Be A Successful Blogger

Read the common mistakes below

1.Not Using The Right Keywords

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. It helps You Rank A particular topic by optimizing You keywords proper

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Using the right Keywords in your blog posts is very important. The Ultimate goal of a blogger is to rank on search engines and drive organic traffic to their site from the search engine result pages

How will I get the right keywords as a Blogger?

A. Google Trends

Google Trends is a website owned by Google, it analyzes the popularity of top search inquiries, The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different inquires over time

It shows you the brand of inquires and it tells you which brand is are more popular and what people are searching for

B. Screaming Fog

Screaming Fog is tool that lists out every little thing that is wrong starting from your title down to keywords and links.

This information allows you to Search Your Article and see how the articles are performing on Google , . all you need to do is to insert your URL and hit the search button

C. Google search Console


Install Google search console plugin. This is a free tool that breaks down rankings to keywords and pages, it shows you how many impressions you are getting on your posts, you also know how many clicks you are having on a particular post

The coolest thing why i like this free tool is that it shows you which keywords are
not getting enough clicks Then from there you can go and optimize your content by adjusting your title tag and meta description

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2. Not Having Yoast SEO Plugin Installed

Yoast SEO is The Best Tool , as a blogger when you have Yoast SEO Installed on your blog you will discover that blogging is fun and very simple

The importance of Yoast SEO Plugin  is that it calculates the quality of your blog posts, , it also analyzes the keywords and title heading and finally gives you a score. It Also gives you keyword suggestion And keywords Density

one of the  amazing thing about Yoast SEO is that you can edit your blog posts over and over again so as to get a good score which will generate good SEO ranking on your blog

3. Doing Copy And Paste Blogging

If you want to be  Successful in Blogging field especially if your niche is about make money online you really have to Stop Copy and Paste blogging because it kills writing skills and it can affect your blog

If you continue copy and paste blogging ,Nobody is going to sponsor a post on your blog if you are doing copy and paste Blogging  (that is blogging without Vision)

write on high volume content , write unique articles , Make use of Long tail keywords because it is very easy to rank , Make sure you follow the yoast instructions to get your seo score green

4. Not Having A Good Blog Design

Is the process of having a poor web design , a design that is not attractive or a design that is slow in loading can make your audience be frustrated when reading article on your blog , in the issue of pop up ads is not a good thing to use in a blog or drop down banner , make sure you use a simple design that is seo friendly and friendly for your audience

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6. Not Replying Comments

Not replying of a comment is another common mistake a blogger must likely to make , replying your audience is very important because they might find some places in your article difficult to understand , so they will make use of the comment box to ask some necessary question , is proper to reply their comment so they can be free in your blog and visit regularly and they can even invite their friends to access your blog , that is if you are the type that answer question and reply message in the comment section

In Conclusion : in life you have to take things easy same as in the field of Blogging you have to take it gradually and follow the instructions above to avoid some common mistake that will make you to be frustrated and even quit blogging , try and know what works for you and write on , things you can do better and focus on them , if you no you can’t blog on entertainment niche , better don’t try it because you might end up quitting blogging same as other niches , kindly subscribe via our email to get more updates from us

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