How To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria

Social media is a popular platform that most people use on a daily basis without knowing they can make money online with it.

that is why I want to Teach you How To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria.

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Social Media is not only limited to chatting only, you can use social media for different purpose and which one of the purpose you can use your social media account is to make money online.

Since you are not aware or you don’t have knowledge on how you can make money online  by using your social Media account.

Don’t worry I am going to be teaching you the various ways which you can Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria And Comfort of your house with less stress.

If it may interest you on the various ways on How To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria  And You are interested in learning, keep reading from beginning to ending of this post to find out.

How To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria

How To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria

If you want to Make Money Online on social media you need to follow all this things below;

1: Selling Your Products Or Services

Content writing, Graphics Designing can be seen as one of the services you can offer and make money online by doing on social media, and you can equal sell any product online and make money from doing that.

You can choose to selling other people product in other to make money from their or some product some people are not often using, by doing that is one of the ways you can  make money using your social media.

when you Are sure that available good or services is availability,

you can go ahead and advertise those product and good you are selling on social media platform like Whatsapp Group, Facebook and other advertising platform.

By doing that, people that are interested and love what you are doing will patronize you and by doing that you can make money online using your Social Media Account.

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2: Drop shipping

Drop shipping is another form of business you can use To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria And Is always open for both students and adults that want to make money online in Nigeria.

This Drop shipping is all About selling a particular product without you being the owner of that particular product.

It always describe a product of bringing vendors and consumers together.

In other for you to operate this drop shipping business in Nigeria effectively, you need have a good connection with the manufacturer of a particular commodity in other to be able to buy that product in bulk.

When you are able to complete the customer’s order, you can put your profit in your pocket and the vendor.

You can start your drop shipping to make money on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In order to do this, kindly take a photograph of that particular product, post it on WhatsApp and make money by doing that, you can choose to start your drop shipping business like clothing, clothing is the best good to be sold in drop shipping shop and make profit from doing that.

Cell phones,  Automobiles, electronics and other products are one of the goods you can start with the help of drop shipping.

3 : Affiliate Marketing

Do you know Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to monitize your social media account?, why I said so is that The Affiliate Marketing helps you in sharing other people’s product online In other to get commission from any sale made on the product.

Affiliate marking is not limited to only selling of other peoples product to get commission In return but you can also buy products at cheaper rate and later resell am to profit.

But I must tell you that when it comes to affiliate marketing consider some websites like konga, jij, jumia and the rest, they are all affiliate marketing website that specialized in selling other people’s product to get commission.

You can sign up for jumia affiliate program and when someone follows your affiliate link to Register and buy the phone through your Affiliate link you will get commission from the person products acquired.

4: Drive Traffics To Blogs

This method is for people that are into blogging and some other online Business that need massive traffic to make money online with the help of social media, you can choose to drive a reasonable amount of traffic to your blog.

In order to archive this, you need to know the right audience that are using social media very well and how you can make your content available in a large audience from then observe how people will visit your blog.

Before you can do this, the main thing you need to do is to buy a Facebook page or Group related to your niche and start posting some interesting related content and with that you can Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria.

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5: Become A Social Media Influencer

Do you know that social media influencer is one of the best strategies to make money with social media in Nigeria,

this will work well for you if you are good when it comes to getting followers, posting on a reasonable something and getting large engagement.

You can use platform like Instagram if you want to be an influencer.

before you use this social media platform make sure you have enough followers and trusted people that will buy idea in anything you post.

Do you know how so social media influencer make money on their platform?.

On Instagram when you have some respective number of followers and you have attained the blue badge needed the Instagram will start paying you.

In order to get a number of followers for the monitization you can choose a paid advert in other go archive that.

Your can make money online on social media from been an influencer by endorsement.

You can  be given opportunity to be an ambassador of a particular product and from doing that are making money with your influencer work.

Conclusion On: How To Make Money Online With Social Media In Nigeria

You  don’t need to blame anybody that you are not making money online in Nigeria with the use of social media account because, these article has convered it’s purpose.

If you want to go into any of this business ideas on make money online.

That is all, hope you understand?, Kindly share with friends and family, if you have problem use the comment section below.

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