How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria

Making money online is getting interesting day by day, do you know you can make money on YouTube?, Today I am going to be teaching You How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria.

You can make money from YouTube by uploading you favourite content on YouTube like that of entertainment, sport, music, Tech, Business, Make Money Online by doing so.

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But most people always find it difficult to monitize their YouTube Channel, you don’t need to worry about that that is why I am going to teach you how to make reasonable amount of money from YouTube as a YouTuber.

What is YouTube?

According To Wikipedia , YouTube is an American video streaming platform where you share your favourite video in other for people to stream and download your video, when you have a channel attached to the YouTube you can monitize your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube channel?

Is just a membership platform where by a member sign up on YouTube and create his or her personal account which he or she will use in uploading videos.

Steps On How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria

How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria

  • 1: Create A YouTube channel.
  • 2: Apply For YouTube Monetization.
  • 3: Apply For Affiliate Marketing Program.
  • 4: Collect A Sponsored post Advert.
  • 5: promote Your Channel.
  • When it comes to making money online in Nigeria, you need to follow that steps, I am going to be explaining the steps one by one.

    1: Create A YouTube Channel

    This is very important when it comes to How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria, Creating a YouTube channel is mandatory because you will be uploading your videos on that YouTube Channel.

    Before You think of opening a YouTube channel, consider having the necessary Tools like;

  • Ring Light.
  • Good Video camera.
  • Video Editor App.
  • Good Back Ground.
  • Good laptop
  • Let me explain in details.

    Ring Light

    You need ring light because you can choose to shoot video at midnight, the ring light will help because you don’t need to have excuses that their is no light so you can’t shoot your video, so that is why you need ring light.

    Good Video camera

    You need good camera because you need to make every of your video clear because if your video is clear people will subscribe to your YouTube channel anytime you upload the video on your YouTube channel.

    Video Editor App

    You need video editing app to compress the quality of the video before uploading it on your YouTube channel in other to save data, and at same time you need those software video editing to use in editing your video by adding little effect on the video so the video will look more attractive and good.

    Good BackGround

    When it comes to How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria as a YouTuber you need a good background for shooting of your video, when you shoot your video in a good background it will look more attractive to your viewers to watch and that will help in making you to get more subscribers on YouTube.

    Good laptop

    You need a good laptop to compress and Edith your video, the same laptop is what you will use to upload your videos on YouTube, when getting a laptop, go for laptop that have good Ram, Ram should be from 8gb upward.

    Apart from laptop, you can still make use of Android phone and this android phone must have good Ram also.

    2: Apply For YouTube Monetization

    After creating Your YouTube channel, next thing is to apply for YouTube partnership program that is YouTube monetization, and in other to get accepted into YouTube monetization program you need to create your own videos by your self and at same time you need to have at least 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hour within 12month before you can apply for YouTube monetization.

    When you get approved into the Monetization program, Google will be paying at the end of every month by placing their advert on your YouTube channel.

    3: Apply For Affiliate Marketing Program

    You can make money from you YouTube channel by apply for any Affiliate program, you can choose affiliate program like Amazon, konga and the rest.

    Affiliate program is nothing but the process of selling other people product in other to earn commission by doing so.

    With your YouTube channel you can choose to make a review about a particular product in other to make sales from that product and earn via commission.

    4: Collect A Sponsored post Advert

    You can make money from your YouTube channel by collecting sponsored advert from a big company, you can. Sponsor a video advert of a particular company and get paid by doing that.

    5: promote Your Channel

    In other for you to be able to make sales from your YouTube channel, you need to promote your channel because when you promote you channel through advert, your channel will be recognized and from that people will visit your channel and patronize you in what ever you are doing.

    When you channel has grown you can also implement the method of ebook selling, pick something and write about and use your YouTube channel to promote it and people will buy it, this is another method on How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria and all over the world.

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    How Much Does YouTubers Make From YouTube?

    Thier is no specific amount of money you can make as a YouTuber, you can make as much as you can that is when you have enough views on your YouTube channel, as a YouTuber you can make 100$, 500$, 1000$ or more depending on number of views you get from each of your YouTube videos.

    Conclusion On: How To Make Money From YouTube in Nigeria

    When it comes to making of money on YouTube, you must make sure that you read the rules and regulations guiding YouTube in other not to violate YouTube rules because if you do so, you channel will be deleted from YouTube.

    The above write up is all you need on how to make money from YouTube.

    Thanks For Reading.

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