Whatsapp Tv: How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv In Nigeria

Whatsapp Tv is just A Tv that is used for sharing of Information on entertainment, Education, Technology And Make Money Online Tips, Due to How profile Whatsapp Tv is, that is why I have Decided To teach You How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv in Nigeria.

Whatsapp Tv is Nothing but Whatsapp Television.

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WhatsApp Has Gone Beyond What we use to see Whatsapp as before, Today you can make Money by owning A Whatsapp Tv.

Before I go further I will like to explain to you what Whatsapp tv is all about before I will teach you How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv in Nigeria.

What Is Whatsapp Tv?

As I said earlier, Whatsapp Tv is a TV that is used for different Purposes and this tv can be use for memes, comedy, entertainment and even make money online.

You can grow this tv and use it for business purposes, is not limited for jobs only, you can monitize your WhatsApp tv for your business purpose.

Whatsapp Business is Just a Business Account on WhatsApp that you can also use to promote other people product on your WhatsApp Tv, As You are collecting adverts and sponsored post you are monetizing your WhatsApp Tv.

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Main Thing You Should Know About Whatsapp Tv

Whatsapp tv is nothing but is know as Whatsapp Television, when you have this application know as Whatsapp, either Whatsapp Messenger, Whatsapp Business Or GbWhatsapp you can be able to share information on your status and people you have on your contact that save your number can be able to view your post via your status.

Their for, when you come to setting up this TV, You may consider using Whatsapp business, Whatsapp business will allow you to customize your TV in a professional way that it will look attractive in people eyes.

Reasons Why You should use WhatsApp Business For Your Whatsapp Tv

You have many benefits and advantages of you using Whatsapp business for your WhatsApp Tv and This are the Advantages.

  • Automatic Reply Of Messages
  • This feature is awesome and is enough self to tell people that you are running a Whatsapp Tv, why I said so is because you really need to set up your automatic reply messages.

  • Setup Your Whatsapp Business Account Details
  • With this Whatsapp Business You Can Set Up Your business Whatsapp Tv properly and this is same thing that the normal cannot do.

  • Create A Good And Professional Logo
  • Here you need to setup your tv well and make use of a good looking logo in other for your tv to look professional.

    Is it Possible To Use Both Whatsapp Business And Normal Whatsapp In Same Phone?

    When it comes to How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv in Nigeria, you have to consider this if you can use two Whatsapp in one phone.

    Is possible to use the two Whatsapp on your phone but when it comes to opening Whatsapp Tv I will advise you to make use of Whatsapp Business in other to make it professionalized.

    How To Grow Your Whatsapp Tv And Basic Things You need To Do And Start Making Money From Your Whatsapp Tv.

    Owning a Whatsapp Tv is just same thing as owning a blog and you can make money from your WhatsApp Tv, most people had always find it difficult to make money from their Whatsapp Tv because most of them lack the idea on how To Make money from Whatsapp tv and Below Are Things you need to do first before you can start making money from your WhatsApp Tv.

    1: Save Your Contacts Via Email

    Sim or phone space can’t contain phone numbers, so you need to create a Gmail Google Account First and their, you can be able to save as many number as you wish, the Gmail account is necessary because even if your phone got damaged or lost, you can still get your content backed up via your mail, so when starting a Whatsapp Tv Consider Saving your numbers via email For proper security.

    2: Get A Good Phone With Good Ram And Storage To Run Your Whatsapp Tv

    In other for you to run a Whatsapp Tv, you need a strong good phone with good Ram Due to Whatsapp traffic, if you are not using a good phone that have good Ram, your WhatsApp will not be performing well, you need phone like Samsung, Redmi and the rest.

    3: Choose A Whatsapp Tv Niche

    You need to choose a niche that will suit your audience.

    Pick niche that your viewers will like, you can choose niche like education, entertainment and the rest.

    Always make sure you choose what that is engagement, what your audience will like.

    4: Build Large audience

    You need to build audience In other for you to make money from your WhatsApp Tv.

    You can do that by running advert, promoting your WhatsApp from other people blog in other for you to get more view because their is no way you can make money when you are not having views you need to run advert in other to attract more audience.

    How To Start Whatsapp Tv In Nigeria

    Starting Whatsapp tv is very easy and simple but the main thing now is how to make money from Whatsapp tv, their is no way you can make money from Whatsapp tv without owing a Whatsapp Tv.

    Go to WhatsApp And Download Whatsapp Business.

    When you download the Whatsapp business account, create a tv on the Whatsapp Business And Edith it the way you want it to be and start advertising your tv in other to get views from your WhatsApp Tv.

    Now You have Know How To Create Whatsapp Tv Account using Whatsapp business, now is time to know How To Make Money From Your Whatsapp Tv.

    How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv in Nigeria

    Whatsapp Tv: How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv In Nigeria

    You can make money from Whatsapp tv by Doing some specific things like;

    1: Creating And Offering online classes on Your Whatsapp Tv

    You can choose to pick a skill and be teaching you can choose graphics Designing and make it mandatory that before any body join the group, they will pay some specific amount of money, just make the group a paid group and your audience on WhatsApp from your TV will find it very interesting to join the tv.

    2: sponsored post and advert placement on your WhatsApp Tv

    If you have a large numbers of followers and viewers because from their if your WhatsApp Tv is well know people will start paying you to advertise and sponsor their post on your WhatsApp Tv.

    3: selling Of Your product

    You can choose to sell your product to your audience in other to make money from your WhatsApp Tv, you can choose to sell some help guide like ebook on a particular thing that can be a problem solver….

    How To Grow Your WhatsApp Tv To Get Views

    You can grow your WhatsApp Tv by Advertisment, doing some little giver away, with all this be sure that your WhatsApp Tv will get more views on it.

    Conclusion on: How To Make Money From Whatsapp Tv In Nigeria

    I guess you must have learnt how to make money from Whatsapp Tv In Nigeria, if You have any questions make use of the comment section below.

    Thank You.

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