Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria

I am going to be teaching you On The Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria.

You know that we have several ways of making Money, I must tell you that comedy industry has taken over money making, you can make a reasonable amount of money by becoming a comedian in Nigeria.

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Comedy industry is not an industry you need to enter with certificate, you don’t need bsc degree or HND degree to go into comedy.

Comedy Is all about you having talent of making People laugh.

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Who Is a Comedian?

A Comedian is an Actor Or an Entertainer that his make work is crack Jokes and make people laugh, comedian travel from one place to another in other to perform and make people laugh, That is who a comedian is.

You must believe with me that we need comedy in Nigeria, due to much sorrow in the country Nigeria, you will need something that will give you joy.

Since we need comedy in Nigeria you can become one and before you become one you need to have the necessary tools;

Requirement For Becoming A Comedian In Nigeria

Before you can become a popular comedian in Nigeria, you need to have the necessary things.

1: Good Camera For Shooting Videos And Video Editing Software

In comedy industry you need a clear video, so you need to make your comedy professional in nature by getting a good video shooting camera and also video editing software for making the video look good.

In other to make people to like your video, How You video clear matters, if your video is not clear, many people will not find it interesting to watch your comedy skit, so you need to shoot a good and clear video in other for people to watch your video.

2: Social Media Handle

When it comes to Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria, social media handle matters because you will be need a social media account like;

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • You need all this account to gain audience, that is where you will be communicating to your fans.

    You need large followers in your social media account in other for you to be trusted and gain audience attention so they can be booking you for an event.

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    3: Get People You will be shooting the comedy with

    You need to get actor and actress because you can’t act comedy only you, because is not only stand up comedy you will be doing you need to shoot comdey with people.

    Getting those actor and actress they must be trusted people and you must settle them after the end of any shooting of comedy video.

    Now that you know things needed for becoming a comedian in Nigeria, now is time to know how To boost your social media Account.

    How To Boost Your Social Media Account And Gain More Audience As Skit Maker

    When it comes to Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria, you need to boost your audience and you can archive that by doing this.

  • Produce High Quality Content/video.
  • Be Consistent.
  • Feature A popular Comedian.
  • Run Paid Ads.
  • Let me explain to you how to archive this;

    Produce High Quality Content/video

    As I said earlier that production of quality content/video will make your audience to like your comedy because no one will like to watch a comedy skit that is not clear, and you must present to your audience with something funny, when you do that your social media account will be growing making you to be getting recognition.

    Be Consistent

    Consistancy matters, you need to be active always and you need to be dropping content to your audience in other for them to get your attention and when you do that, your social media account will keep on growing.

    Feature A popular Comedian

    As Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria And If You want to be easily recognized in comedy industry you need to feature some popular comedian that has been in the Industry before you, when you do so, you will be easily recognized in the comedy industry and same time your account will keep growing fast.

    Run Paid Ads

    If you want to grow your social media Account as a comedian, you will need to run some paid advert on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram To promote and boost your page.

    When it comes to running advert, I will recommend Facebook advert, is very easy to do.

    Now you have know how to boost your social media Account as a comedian, now is time to learn how to make money as a comedian.

    Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria

    Easy Way To Make Money As A Comedian in Nigeria

    In comedy industry you make money from different way.

    When it comes to making money from comedy, I am going to be explaining on two ways you can make money from beginning a comedian.

  • make money From Shows
  • Make Money From YouTube
  • Make Money From Shows

    People can book you for a show or an event to come and perform their and after the show they will pay you for making people laugh.

    Make Money From YouTube

    YouTube still remain the best way to make money as a comedian, you can make money by Posting Content on YouTube and this content can be inform of videos, like comdey videos, memes and entertaiment, after posting all this at the end of every month you get paid by doing so.

    Before you can be accepted into YouTube monetization, you will need to create your own content your self, And When you reach the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour you will apply for YouTube monetization.


    That is all on how To Make money as a comedian.

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