Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria

Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria

Are you a single woman or married woman  , are you looking for a lucrative business to start, look no more , the tips listed below will help you to make a choice one any  Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria

Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria

List Of Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria

1, Fitness Center (Gym)

The gym center requires good money to set up. The equipment is expensive. But the good thing is that it is a one-time investment business. You won’t need to bother about anything for years.

In case, you want to expand your gym business, you can consider renting more space and increasing revenue streams.

Certainly, you can’t just depend on the money that you earn from gym membership and monthly fee. Therefore, you’ll have to make more stream of income such as juice bars, tanning salons, fitness classes, and renting out space to personal trainers.

This is a good small business idea for women who are passionate about their health and fitness. The bad part is that it doesn’t have a flexible work schedule.

2, Baskets Making

Gift baskets are needed in parties, birthdays, festivals, and other events. And if you have any one of creativity, you could easily make decorative baskets, boxes, and bags to suit any body’s taste. It is a great side business idea for ladies sitting at home.

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You should also contact the nearby local shops and show them your designs.

Some customers may also order a customized baskets with their company’s logo on the basket. You can charge them high.

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3, Hair Make up /Stylist

You Can become a  salon owner. Were you specialized on making of hairs , plating and stylishing of hair ,

Certainly, you’ll face the competition. But that’s not something to worry about if you have knowledge and skill to bring the new customers and retain them by offering quality services.

The big mistake that most entrepreneurs make while starting a hairstyling business is that they pick the wrong location.

If you ask hair salon owners, you’ll come to know that many of them wish to have picked a location with high visibility and more traffic. The major  point on that is to  “be very careful about the location”.

4, Be A Florist

You can become a florist  if you have an interest in gardening and natural beauty by becoming a florist.

Thousands of people buy flowers for loved ones every single day. So, you can help them by providing them fresh flowers and customized bouquets. Can’t you?

5, Bridal Store

The bridal store is a profitable retail business idea.

you will have to find a reliable manufacturers and distributors. You are required to need a participant in a local bridal events to promote your dresses and other products.

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6, Fashion Design School

Fashion schools are popular these days. Many women entrepreneurs are in the business but there is still room for new individuals. If you have got some experience, you could do it.

Sufficient knowledge and experience are essential and of course, you should know how to motivate your students, teach them, and give them confidence and skill.

Fashion designing school not only earn money from the monthly fee but also sell the design they make.

7, Voiceover Artist

Do you have great speaking skills and a good voice? If yes, you can start working online without any investment. , You can lend your voice for audiobooks, video ads, radio, and YouTube videos.

Working women can do voice-over work to earn some extra cash part-time. But the question is how do you find work to do?

Join freelance platforms (UpWork) and make a sample of your voice over work. You’re good to bid on jobs that are related to voice over work.

Definitely, it would be difficult initially as you are no expert and you do not have great feedback on your profile. But you’ll learn everything with time and soon you’ll be getting invitations from the clients themselves.

8, Cake Making Business

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Women are smart and intelligent cooks. And if you’re one of them, cake making is your business idea to work on. You can easily excel in the food industry if you have made up your mind.

The cake demands increase on special occasions, including Halloween, Eid, and Christmas. So, you can earn big money on such occasions.

The good part is that the cake demand isn’t affected by season and therefore, it can guarantee you a steady income throughout the year.

9, Jewelry Making Business

One of the coolest business ideas for women in the fashion industry is the jewelry business. you need to put enough money and also apply hard work to be successful.

Once you’re in the business, you’ll have to design jewelry from different materials from plastic to gold.

10, Social media management

Would you like you to manage social media account for businesses to earn yourself money

The more clients’ social media accounts you manage, the more money you’ll make. You can make, on average, $1000 to $10,000 a month.

Conclusion on :  Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria

The above listed Lucrative Business For Women In Nigeria is legit , you can pick one out of the listed one and start  , please don’t forget to share this article

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