List Of Untapped Blog Niche In Nigeria


What are the List of Untapped Blog Niche In Nigeria? Sitting in my room looking at the screen of my Personal Computer. I was thinking of other Blog Niche I can Venture Into the year 2019.


I know most Bloggers and upcoming ones will think all blogging Niche is already saturated, which is not. We still have list of Unsaturated Blog Niche you can venture into and make cool cash.

So here, I will Provide you with list of these Blog Niche, Method of monetization and How to promote them.

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Here you will learn

  • Low competition niches 2021
  • profitable niche list


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    Meaning Of The Word “Niche”

    I could remember in secondary school days ” Niche in Biology simply means an animal performing a specific role assign to it” Do you know Niche in Blogging is not in any way different from this?


    When you are told to choose a Niche in Blogging, that is telling you to choose an area of specialization that you have passion for.

    Blogging Niche is all about what you want to blog about: Music, Videos, Relationship, Craft, Mountains, Gadgets, Politics, News, Rumour, How To’s, Bikes, Top 10, Celebrity, Boxing e.t.c … the list is can’t be exhausted

    Do You Know Why?

    Anybody can decides to blog on Beans Cake Recipe tomorrow and someone in United state can also decides to create a Niche around Chemistry.

    When it comes to choosing Blog Niche, we have many criteria attach to it and things that must be put into consideration before you choose one.


    Before I Proceed with List of Untapped Profitable Blog Niche in Nigeria, What are the factors that must be consider before choosing a Blog Niche?


    List Of Things To Put Into Consideration When Choosing A Blog Niche

    • Trend
    • Competition
    • Passion
    • Income
    • Method of Monetization
    • Interest

    The first factor that must be consider before choosing a Niche especially if you are considering Sub-niche that are centered around a Product that is trending at a particular time.

    You have to consider the trend the product will be having in the future. Will it still be trending? Will people still be searching for it?

    As a blogger you don’t just wake and decides to create a Niche blog without proper research. Google Trend is great tool to find out about trending Topics base on geographical area.


    Some blog Niche being saturated is the reason why I am putting up this post. You need to consider how competitive the Niche is before venturing into it. Here in  Nigeria almost blogger own a Tech and Entertainment Blog.

    With the help of Google search you will find out the kind of competition you will be facing.

    What Do I Need Before Creating A Blog

    After deciding to be a blogger, there are list of things you will need depending on the platform you want to use(Blogspot, wordpress, Wix and others)

    • What do you want to blog about
    • Your Domain Name
    • The Platform you want to create your site with

    Here I wont be explaining all that, because our topic is on List of Untapped Niche and Lucrative Blogging ideas for 2021.


    List Of Untapped Blog Niche In Nigeria

    Here we are, I will be providing you with list of Profitable blogging Niche that are not competitive. But do you know that list of untapped Niche In Nigeria Does not have to be the ones that I will be listing here.

    You can come across a blogging Niche when doing Keyword Research using Ahrefs and other Keyword research tools.

    Without wasting much of your Time, lets go straight to the point.


    Profitable Niche With Low Competition

    So what are list of Untapped Niche In Nigeria/ List of Untapped Blogging Niche in Nigeria.


    Engineering Blog

    Engineering Niche is that Niche I can say Nigerians don’t have interest in. Lots of Engineers search online for information related to projects ideas, Invention and others.

    One of the method of monetizing an engineering blog is sell of e-books, Adsense, Online Tutorial and sell of Engineering diagram.

    From the above, you should know it is for those who have knowledge about engineering because those who will be visiting the site are professionals and can easily detect your flaws.

    You can decide to create a sub-niche and focus on what aspect of engineering you are good at.


    Agricultural Blog – List Of Untapped Blog Niche

    With the increase in demand for agricultural product in the country also around the world. Nations are trying are trying to diversify their economy.

    With diversification into agriculture, their will be increase in demand for information related to agriculture as people will want to learn more about it.

    A blog that focus on agriculture can get big as time goes on as we have a lot to write about: Rearing of rabbit, Fishery and others.

    Monetizing of such a blog can be base on selling of e-books and rendering of physical services to your audience.


    Graphics Blog – List Of Untapped Blog Niche

    Do you have knowledge of Graphics Design? Do you know how to use Corel Draw Proficiently? and looking for ways to make some cash offline? why don’t you create a graphics design blog where people can learn about graphics.

    With the increase in people’s interest on graphics design you can create a niche around it where you write graphics related tools and tools use in use in graphics design.

    Monetizing graphics blog can be through software affiliate program, Providing services to your audience and organising of online products.


    Google Adsense Niche – List Of Untapped Blog Niche

    Adsense being the most common sources of revenue for blogs. You can create a niche around it by writing articles that provide solution to what people(Verification of adsense account and Getting adsense approved for blogs)

    The best method of monetizing is by providing services.


    Registration Guide Niche – List Of Untapped Blog Niche

    This Niche is all about you providing guide for people on how to carry out registration for programs like NNU income program, wakanda affiliate program, Grammarly affiliate program and others.


    Food Niche

    Food is one the life essentials. Food  you Niche blog is for whoever like cooking and love to teach. Here you will be teaching your audience how to cook and prepare different recipe.

    Under Food Niche, we have Sub-Niche like: Baking. Grilling, Gardening, Food Photography, Pasta, canning, Restaurants and  Diets.


    Skincare Niche

    Are you an expert in skin care and know about different skin care products? If yes then you can set up a Skincare blog where you teach audience how to take care of their skin, types of skincare product to avoid.

    Under Skincare Niche, we have sub Niche like: Vitamins, Haircare and Bronzing


    Thanks for Reading List Of Untapped Blog Niche In Nigeria

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