Legit Income Programs That Pays Daily And Weekly In Nigerian in 2020

Legit income Programs that pays daily
and weekly in Nigeria
is our main topic for today , Legit income Programs that pays daily ,hey today I will teaching you on how to make money online while sleeping , how to make money online with little or no investment , All this program was created to help and easy the financial situation in Nigerian among the youths , it helps the youths to learn how to earn a living online with the help of their mobile phones and computer , so of these program pays weekly while some pays  daily and some pays monthly

Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria

Legit income Programs that pays daily
and weekly in Nigeria

OK let me list few that I am rest assured of am also a member

List of Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria




CandyNews Review is what we shall be discussing in this article, we shall be discussing on, how to make money on CandyNews and The steps on how to register on CandyNews , CandyNews Affiliate Program is  new , but we are going to be discussing about it to know if CandyNews is legit or scam

Please we advice you to read from header to footer before investing , To Enjoy This program as it is New , You Need To Take Action And Invest

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CandyNews Review : Learn How  CandyNews Income program works below

Introduction To CandyNews Income  Program

Candynews is an Online media platform with an affiliate system that pay you when you read news and when you bring people to register under you  everyday. 

Candynews is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, and data to make money with it.  you should also be making Money while online! By performing simple tax and with little investment

Who owned Candynews

Candynews is owned by ADEKAT TECHNOLOGIES, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with RC 2936339 under Corporate Affairs Commision.

Candynews is a  simply built platfrom where you can turn your time and activities online to a money making venture!

How Can I Make Money on Candynews

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There are two types of earnings on Candynews: Activity earnings and affiliate earnings. The earnings breakdown are as follows:

1: N150 – Registration bonus. 

2: N50 – Daily login bonus. 

3:N100 – For each sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline. 

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4:N50 – For each post that you submitted that is approved by an Administrator or Moderator.

5: N5 – For per comment made on our site posts/news. 

6: N900 – Referral Bonus for each person you refer to Candynews that successfully activate his/her account.

How Can I Register On Candynews

To create or Register  an account,

Click Here

 to get started. You will have to pay a one time registration fee of N1500 in order to activate your account. 

You can pay your registration fee by using any of the two methods below: 

Online payment using debit/ATM cards via Paystack

Use of coupon code official list of candynews coupon distributor

How do I withdraw my earnings from Candynews

Withdrawal form is always available everyday and you can request for your earnings any time given that you meet our minimum withdrawal amount. The requirement for withdrawal are as follows:

1: Members with atleast N900 affiliate earnings can request for withdrawal daily given that their total balances(activities + affiliates) is equivalent to or more than N1800. 

2: Members with affiliate earnings less than N900 will need to have a minimum of N6000 activity earnings in order to qualify for withdrawal. 

NOTE:  Members can transfer Earnings to each other. You can also buy earnings from administrators if you need it.

What are you waiting for? Join us now to earn cool cash everyday!!!

Click Here To Join CandyNews

Payment proof On Candynews

Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria

Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria

In conclusion Is adviceable to join a platform when it is new and make money from it before it will become old , this platform is legit and due to many testimonies from people , I believe it will be a legit platform , 1500 can turn to massive income ,

Wrapping up : Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria


zinoly income program is a platform that is created to easy the economic situation in Nigerian , for the youth  to participate , so people said zinoly is not paying anymore , yes they are not paying those that is not having referrals but believe me if you have referrals you must actually get paid on zinoly income program

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Summery on how Zinoly Income program works

*Register for Zinoly with a fee of 1500 and withdraw over 30k monthly*


🔥 *(1). Daily Login You will be getting 50 naira (₦50 x 30 days = ₦1,500*

🔥 *(2). You will be earning ₦100 by sharing of sponsored post on your Facebook timeline* *100×30=3000*

🔥 *(3) When Reading posts, you earn ₦2 per each post you read, imagine you read 100 post per day that is ₦200 per day, now ₦200 ×30 days =₦6000*

🔥 *(4). earn by viewing ADS , you earn #5 each in every Ad you click on the site .. let’s say you click on 50 Ads per day that’s cool *N250 just for that day* *250×30=7500*

🔥 *(5). You earn ₦1,000 as bonus when u bring someone to register for Zinoly. You can refer friends, family, and coworkers*
*Bring 30 people in a month and that’s 30,000*

*Total amount=1500+3000+7500+6000+30000=48,000 all in one month.*

*Click on this link to register now👇🏼👇🏼

Click Here To Join Zinoly Income Program 

_Withdrawal is made once a month. Withdrawal button is available on the 21st of every month_

In Conclusion :  All the above Income Program Remain The Only Legitimate Income that pays , Zinoly Pay you when You Have At least 1 referrals While Candynews Pay You when you have The Minimum of 6000 active earning without Referrals and you can withdraw only your referrals earning of 900 up word

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