Considerable Factors To Ensure Before Launching Your Website

Launching your website can be stressful,  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal blog or a business  website , Today will will be taking about the Considerable Factors To Ensure Before Launching Your Website  , You will make sure that your traffic are from good source eg from google ,This post will give you a game plan for what you need to do when you are  ready  to launch your site or already lunch your site ,so that you can avoid  problems  or mistakes

What Does It Mean To Launch A Website

Launching your website

Launching your blog means , opening a blog and making it to be known by your friends , relatives and your family member and to do that , you have to share the  blog URL on the top blogs in Nigeria to make it reach many people or popular , you can launch it on Nairaland , Bellanaija ,Lindaikegi and many to blog

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Considerable Factors To Ensure Before Launching Your Website

Below are important factors you should always ensure to have in place before launching your blog/website

1. Speed Is Important

These means you should make your blog speed fast , in terms of loading a page and opening of blog URL , make sure the speed is up to 90% speedy , because you have to make your blog load very fast and this is useful in search engine (google)

2. Setup A Pre-launch Page

Just because your site is not  ready for visitors doesn’t mean you can’t start promoting it.  interest and enthusiasm than promoting it after it’s launched.

3. Mobile Friendly

This days Many people access website using mobile phone , using their android smart phone , so you have to make your website to be accessible using smartphone and you have to also make it to load fast using mobile phone to avoid your visitors been stocked down , make the mobile design of your website or blog very attractive to your audience/ visitors

5. Create Amazing / Unique Contents

Creating an Amazing content is just like creating an article that will attract your audience and that will be helpful and wonderful to your audience , create unique article , it means creating  article from your head with the help of keyword researcher , create fresh and new article but not copy and paste because copy and paste can kill your blog and it can also kill writing skills , In writing a unique article you should make it up to 1000+ words to enable it to rank well if fully optimize with yoast seo plugin

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6. Create A Way For Visitors To Sign-up For Email Notifications

Create a mail list for your site when ever visitors submit their mail in the box , In any of your new post , it will automatically notify them of the new post , you can do that by Sign up with an email marketing service like MailChimp or AWeber , and then use one of their pre-designed templates to add an opt-in box to your site.

7. Upload Sitemap

Hey for sitemap , I will recommend yoast seo plugin , the sitemap can automatically generated from the plugin , and make sure you set the plugin well in other to index your post very fast and for you to rank your article front page on google

8. Learn About SEO

Hey make sure you learn the factors consider in seo for proper ranking , in this part , you will learn how to write seo article , learn how to optimize your post ,learn how go build links that will boost your DA and PA of Your site , Learn to build links from top site , profile linking , booking linking , comment linking and guest post linking is the main factor that guaranties seo ranking first page on google

9. Submit Your Site To Google Search Console And Install Google Analytics Plugin

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Nown you will have to submit your site and your sitemap to search console , submit your sitemap on google for better seo optimization and ranking

10. Manage And Learn On- Page SEO

On page Seo means writing an article by your self and doing the proper seo setup to enable the article rank , something like optimizing your article with content and unique write , building of back links with your keyword so you can rank your keyword easily


Conclusion On: Considerable Factors To Check Before Launching Your Website

These are the considerable factors to check or consider before setting a website , make sure you read the above procedures well , please don’t forget go our email so you can be able to get the latest post her on email , I hope the article is useful , please subscribe to the blog


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