juicebox income review : Read All About Juicebox

juicebox income review also known as juicebox income Income program is another  great opportunity here in Nigeria.  To Make Money Online

In our Today’s article

i am going to share with you how juicebox income works and if Juicebox income is legit or scam

Introduction To  juicebox income

What is Juicebox income program

According to the website , JuiceBox is an network marketing website io Africa. It’s an online referral organization that pays its users for performing simple tasks. This money making opportunity is open to everyone. Either you are a student, salary earners or a graduate, if you are an internet user, then you can join and start making money on the website

juicebox  was created on the 4th of April, 2020. , According to them, it was created to enable People to gather funds for whatever business of their choice by harnessing the power of networking.

juicebox income review

juicebox income review: How Does Juicebox Works

JucieBox is a multi level marketing
income system that requires a one time Registration fee of N3,000 for Cycle 1 and N9,000 for Cycle 2

With this amount you register an
account with us and you automatically
start our 4-level system as a Level one
(water stage) user.

There are four levels to be completed in Juice Box namely:

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Level 1 : Water
Level 2 : Orange
Level 3 : Freeze
Level 4 : Juice

Immediately you register with N3,000 (Cycle 1) or N9,000 (Cycle 2) you are on the water level.

When you refer two users in your tree and they register under you with same amount, you are promoted to the Orange Level

To proceed to Freeze level, your two downlines must have their own two downlines completely, hence your downlines are your responsibility and
you are expected to guide them. Once
they have their own two downlines
completed. You get upgraded to the
Freeze Level.

If you are on cycle 1, after completion, you can click the proceed to cycle 2 button. On doing this, you will be asked to enter your coupon code (bought for N9,000) and the name of your upline or sponsor.

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JuiceBox Registration: How Much Is JuiceBox Registration

To become a member, you need a onetime payment of #3000 or #9000 depending on the cycle you are signing
up for. After that, you can start earning on the website.

juicebox income review: Is JuiceBox Legit or Scam?

is legit but if you cannot referral , the platform is not for you because is more of a referral program

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Click Here To Register On JuiceBox

Does JuiceBox pay without referral

No JuiceBox Does not pay without Referral , if you can’t refer , this platform is not for you

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Wrapping up :  juicebox income review

In conclusion on juicebox income program review  juicebox Is legit and is paying , but is paying those with referrals only ,   Please Don’t forget to Subscribe On The blog and share Us with Your Friends

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