iTunes Gift Card Format 2024 Investigation Exposed

Today I will be talking about iTunes Gift Card Format 2024 For Yahoo, Probably You are here to learn how to use iTunes Gift Card Format for yahoo.

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

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Worry no more because I am going to explain to you all you need to know about the iTunes gift card format.

This is Just Itunes Gift Card For Yahoo

iTunes Gift Card Format 2024 Exposed

iTunes Gift Card Format

What are Itunes Card

Itunes card was create for the main purpose of allowing people to buy songs from apple music store which is also known as Itunes store. When the users buys this song the will have access to play the song on their Apple Laptops (Mac Computers), Iphone, iPad also.

An iTunes Store

The main purpose of iTunes card was to gift people music. On like any other card, The itunes card has a specific number at the back that enables user’s to use in buying of songs in apple store.

Where Is the iTunes Gift Card located?.

The card number is located at the back of the card. And this card can be use in terms of buying song and you can still gift it out to another person.

How To Collect Itunes Card From Client

Probably You might be asking how you can use this billing Format for itunes to collect money from your client.
You can use it but to use it you need to apply the Dating Format Method if you want to get a client.

Approach Your Client And Become Friends

You will make friends in other to bill them and the best place to get friend is on a dating site. But you can equally still get from social media network like Instagram, Twitter. Probably Facebook also.

Get the client and become a very close friend.

Make sure the client is rich and can buy a gift card of $100, so you don’t need to rush since you know they can deliver try and be a good close friend with them.

Lie About Your Occupation

You need to lie to your client about your Occupation since you are not doing any transaction with cash and you are not meeting face to face. That is why this format is really good, not meant for only Yahoo Boys because any body can do it. But you need to be smart enough.

Discuss Music with the Client when chatting with Them

Since the basic aim of this gift card is all about music so you need to craft a discussion about music like:

Client: I love only Nicki minaj song

You: wow That is Good , I am Actually like Rihanna but both Nicki minaj and Rihanna are like 5 and 6.

Client: Yea, I also thing so of that.

You: will you like me to become a Nicki minaj fan? (lmao)

Client: Yes Now, why not.

You: Then you need to buy her music and send it to me – that way you can make me A Nicki minaj fan.

Client: How am I going to do that?

You: Since the songs is on the iTunes store, you can send me a gift card, and I will buy it for myself.

Client: Okay, I am going to do that tomorrow if I buy from Wal-Mart.

Wal-mart sells iTunes gift cards

Try your possible way to see how to get the gift card from the client but don’t disturbe the Client too much.

Collect The Gift Card And Sell

When you collect the gift card from client you should still look for any body that is in need of gift card and sale it back to the person in exchange of money.

Why iTunes Gift Card Format is The best

Is the best because you can never get caught, it doesn’t required bank Transaction and is very easy to don’t need to be a Yahoo boy before you can use this format. You can still use same method to Collect amazon Gift Card.

Gift card Message Format To Send To A Client

This is a sample message you can send to your client.

Hello, My Love,

I know how you’ve been wanting to see my face, and I totally understand the feeling of seeing someone your heart truly beats for after a long period of time.

It is just so unfortunate that circumstances have stopped me from showing you how much I love you. But trust me, it won’t be for long again. The reason is that I have figured out what is wrong with my camera and possible ways to solve it.

We lack technicians here, so I came in contact with someone who promised to help me fix my camera and screen, to enable become able to make video calls again.

I would have paid immediately without disturbing you, but I lack funds to be very honest with you.

I am not asking for money – because he doesn’t need money to fix the problem. He only said that I need to send me $200 worth of gift cards to be able to unlock the screen.

I wonder what he intends to do with such gift cards – but since he is the only trusted person here, I am taking the risk with him.

I don’t have access to gift cards here, so that is why I am reaching you.

Please aid me with just $200 worth of gift card to fix this screen, I will repay as soon as I fix the phone. I need to see the face of my lover ASAP.

I trust you to help me babe… I love you from the depth of my heart.


Before using the above message make sure it matches with what you are and your client are discussing on.

Conclusion on : itune gift card format for Yahoo

The above Explanation is all you need to know about Gift Card Format for Yahoo.


Always Ask Small When it comes to billing your client, You can Start with 200$.

Always use Good english when ever you are communicating with your client.

Don’t be in a rush to ask for money. Make him or her your friend first.

Stay safe

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