InsMeApp Review – Is InsMeApp Scam Or Legit : Find out

InsMeApp Review Is what I am Going To Be Talking About On Today’s Article ,

This Article will guide you to know if InsMeApp is legit or Scam

Note: If You Want to know if This InsMeApp is legit or scam kindly read this article from beginning to the end

InsMeApp Review – Is InsMeApp Scam Or Legit ?

InsMeApp Review

Due to the rate at which people are searching on some queries on search engine like : Is InsMeApp legit , is InsMeApp scam and the rest

I am going to take my time to tell you what InsMeApp is all about

What Is InsMeApp : InsMeApp Review

InsMe is an Authorized Affiliate Platform of InsHeart in Nigeria.

In the year 2015 with the strong support of IG, dozens of the most
popular European and American Internet celebrities has merged together in founding InsHeart, an international online interactive community for IG users.

Therefore, InsHeart is focusing on bringing global IG users together, enhance communications with each other and give the best advice to IG so that they may also continue to improve.

Unfortunately, during October of 2020, InsHeart opened its platform for the people in Nigeria by lunching the InsMe
App. The member of InsMe can now earn extra income by helping to promote the ads of IG through InsHeart.

How Does InsMeApp Work

Base on their first says that InsMe members can get rewarded by just
clicking like on the influential marketing contents in IG.

In addition, InsMeApp aggressively focus on the promotion of internet celebrities who have talent but are still anonymous due to the lack of network resources.

InsMe App has 9 different packages, one is free, and the other (8) are subscription-based.

The platform platform claims to have a commercial agreement with Instagram, 10% of the influential marketing
expenses paid by the IG merchants will be allocated to their (InsMe) members as rewards.

InsMeApp Investment Plans

Below are some of the InsMeApp Investment Plans you can enroll your self into


Subscription fee: Free

Mission daily: 2

Validity: 10 days.


Subscription fee: N1680

Mission daily: 3

Per Pay Mission: N28

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N6888

Mission daily: 5

Per Pay Mission: N69

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N62888

Mission daily: 25

Per Pay Mission: N125

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N148888

Mission daily: 38

Per Pay Mission: N195

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N298888

Mission daily: 70

Per Pay Mission: N213

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N638888

Mission daily: 140

Per Pay Mission: N228

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N1488888

Mission daily: 290

Per Pay Mission: N256

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N2988888

Mission daily: 580

Per Pay Mission: N258

Validity: 60 days.


Subscription fee: N6388888

Mission daily: 1238

Per Pay Mission: N283

Validity: 60 days.

InsMeApp Referral Program

InsMeApp Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern, all company wants to promote its product,app or site so they offer referral program for members to participate also and earn via InsMeApp Referral Program

There are 6 levels of the Individual Team Reward. They reward is 6% for the 1st level, 5% for the 2nd level, 4% for
the 3rd level, 3% for the 4th level, 2% for the 5th level and 1% for the 6th level.

For example, when your 1st level in your team is having 100 people, and the total Mission Reward earned reward is $1,000,
then you are eligible to get an Individual Team Reward of $60 per month.

The same calculation goes to the 2nd and 3rd level.

InsMeApp Registration

InsMeApp Registration is not hard at all , so you need to follow the steps below

Email Address

User Name

Phone Number

Contact Info


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Is InsMeApp Legit

Base of the age and duration of the platform which is 2years so far , the platform was created on the 6th of October in 2020 with no complain of scam so far , so for that is legit as for now

Is InsMeApp Scam

No trace of scam so far but you have don’t follow this platform with smartness

InsMeApp Review : Scam Or Legit Find Out Here

Conclusion on : InsMeApp Review

The above information is all you need to know about InsMeApp , So join the platform is base on your smartness

Wrapping up : InsMeApp Review

Note: No platform last for ever so you need to take action when is new and is currently legit at the time of writing this article

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