Inksnation review : Scam or Legit : Find out

Inksnation review is our main Topic for today , on this article I am going to tell you what Inksnation is all about , if is legit or scam , All you have to Do is to Read from beginning to the end without skipping any thing

What is Inksnation

Inksnation review

Inksnation is an online scheme that started early 2020. Many Nigerians have registered for this platform with the hope of been paid N12000 for life. The platform has promised its users of a lifetime guarantee of 12000 weekly for life, Inksnation is believed to own a crypto currency called pinkoin. In this article, I’m going to be telling you the facts about Inksnation as I believe that what brought you hear is the question you have in your head “is Inksnation legit or a scam?”Don’t worry, I’m going to give you answer in no time.

Inksnation review

This is an honest review of inksnation , keep on reading to know more on how inksnation works

How Does Inksnation Work

Inksnation promises its members N4,000 daily or N12,000 weekly depending on how you want it. Every member is expected to pay a fee of N1,200 to the Inksnation website, the registered user will be issued a card and will also be credited with some pinkcoin in which they can sell to an exchanger. An Inksnation exchanger is someone who is capable of registering a new member and also collect the pinkoin in exchange of money. Inksnation also promises its members of been able to use the card issued to them to make purchases as they claim that they have different merchants in different Nigerian markets, this means that their members can make cashless purchase as long as they are with their card, it is believed that the card has been toped up with a particular amount of money in which you can use to make purchases.

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Is Inksnation Legit

Even though their are a lot of people who have claimed to cash out from this platform, it doesn’t validate the genuineness of Inksnation as the pinkoin provided by them isn’t secured by a blockchain. An article published on says the pinkoin crypto currency is a big scam as it isn’t secured by any blockchain and isn’t recognized by the crypto currency market. The platform would definitely clash immediately it gets a lot of members, don’t fall for it as most of the platform which operated like Inksnation didn’t end well.
It is advisable to open a bank account and save your money instead of investing in the Inksnation platform.

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