Igreef Review : Is Igreef Legit Or Scam ? Find Out

Igreef Review: Is Igreef Legit Or Scam ? Find Out

Day by day we keep seeing different kinds of platforms but this Igreef is one of the platform that is trending.

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What I will be covering in this review is all about Igreef, like Igreef Review, Is Igreef Legit?, Is Igreef Scam, How Does Igreef Works, How To Register On Igreef, Igreef Registration/Sign Up, Igreef Login/sign-in, Igreef  Minimum Withdrawal And Igreef Review.

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About Igreef?|Igreef Review

Igreef Review : Is Igreef Legit Or Scam ? Find Out

Igreef is an earning platform where registered members are allowed to earn cool cash daily by participating in different tasks like daily logins, sharing sponsored posts, completing surveys and referring new members to join the income program.

And which when you register on the platform, you earn by performing some specific task on the platform which include referring/inviting you friends and family to join the platform using Referral link. When any body register via your affiliate link, you get commission from them by doing so .

The platform which will be launched on the 25th of September is yet to come to amazing offers that allows you to make more money on the platform.

How Does Igreef Works?

Each member of Igreef is assured of making cool money from their comfort zones by doing simple online jobs like daily logins, sharing sponsored posts, sharing trending posts, and referring new members to join the platform.

These and more are the several ways of earning massively on Igreef, but this opportunity is only accessible by registered members of the platform

Once you register on the platform, you get an instant welcome bonus of N3,000. To start making money officially on the income program, you will have to participate in the earning activities which include sharing sponsored posts, daily logins, referring new members etc.

All these activities allow you to earn about N800. To earn additional funds, you can choose to participate in the referral/affiliate program which allows you to earn about N3,800 for each that joins the platform through your referral link

How to Earn from Igreef

Earning money on Igreef is very easy once you’ve completed your registration successfully and purchased a product with at least the minimum amount or more, according to your affordability.

  • Welcome Bonus – N3,000
  • Daily Login bonus – N300
  • Greef Vlog – N400
  • Sharing the Greef Trends – N100
  • Affiliate bonus – N3,800
  • Indirect affiliate bonus – N300
  • 3rd Generation Bonus – N150
  • 4th Generation Bonus – N50

The above levels of plans are available on
Sothebysclub.top for members to activate and start getting daily return from the platform. But.before giving a try how legit Igreef is? find out down as you examine down.

How To Register On Igreef/Igreef Registration/Sign up

In other For You To Register On Igreef, You Need to Fill Up The necessary information below;

  • 1: Click Here Igreef
  • 2: Put All Your collect Information.
  • 3: Click On Register To Register On The Platform
  • How To Login On Igreef/ Igreef Login/Signin

    For you to be able to register/sign up or login/Sign in on this platform, you need to provide the collect Information below;

  • 1: Your Verified Mobile Phone Number
  • 2: Click On Signin To Login Your Account
  • Igreef Referral/Affiliate Program

    Do you know that you can also earn on this platform through referral earning/affiliate commission earning.

    The referral earnings/Affiliate earnings can be archieved in the process by which you refer your friends and family to join this Platform through your affiliate link which is also know as referral link in other to earn commission by doing that.

    How To Withdraw On Igreef : What Is The Withdrawal Threshold.

    You can only withdraw on Igreef once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount assigned by the platform. Remember that the minimum withdrawal amount for activities and affiliate earners differs.

    The minimum withdrawal amount for affiliate/referral earners is N8,000 which can be withdrawn every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, while the minimum withdrawal amount for activity earners is N17,000 and can be withdrawn every Sunday.

    To withdraw your earnings on Igreef, you will have to log in to your dashboard, navigate to the withdrawal section, provide your local account details, input the amount you wish to withdraw, then request a withdrawal and wait for the arrival.

    Is Igreef Still Paying And Does Igreef Pay Without Referral?

    No payment prove has been found yet and we don’t know if they platform pay without referral.

    Who Is The Owner And Founder Of Igreef?

    The owner did not review his or her identity so we don’t know the owner of this platform.

    Is Igreef legit or Scam?

    Is Igreef Legit?

    No record to say if is legit or scam because we have not seen any prove of payment yet, so we can’t say is legit.

    But in other for you to join the platform, make sure you invest what you can afford to loose.

    Is Igreef Scam?

    No any report on this platform to say if is scam but when you have any information about it make use of the comment section below;

    Conclusion On: Igreef Review


    By reading this review, I guess you must have learnt Igreef Review, is Igreef legit or scam and how Smartmeta.in works.

    If you have any issues drop comment below:

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