How To Write Seo Articles That Rank On Google

How To Write Seo Articles That Rank On Google Is our topic for today , today am going to be teaching you How To Write Seo Articles That Rank On Google , How To Write Seo Articles That Rank First Page On Google , Blogging over the years have turned out to be a lucrative job to do. I call it a job because it pay people’s bill. With everyone venturing into blogging, not all are capable of earning Money From Blogging

Only few know truly what bloging is all about  and that few people are who can write Seo  articles that rank page on google

You Don’t No How To write seo article. Let me show you how to write seo article  that rank on google

However, we have processes to write seo article that will appear on google first you will be needing   backlinks to outrank some competitors and dominate Google.

How To Write Seo Article That Rank On Google

Meaning: , What are backlinks?

Backlinks are of two type , which are do-follow backlink and no-follow Backlinks and each type  have a work it does to improve the web Ranking  of a webpage. Which  do-follow links meaning links pointing to your webpage and making  it to  contains a very helpful material. That way Google spider in charge will see your page as a very useful page and  move its position on a position that  is higher. That is making it to rank on page 1 on google

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No-follow Backlinks on the other side means The opposite, but if you can have a no-follow link from top websites (web 2.0)  the  links from top website / blog are  strong enough to boost your page rankings since those  sites  authority has already been seen by Google so if they are linking to you, they are linking to help your  content rank

Let’s proceed

Step by Step Guide On How To writing articles that rank on Google  page 1(one)

How To Write Seo Articles That Rank On Google

1. Do keyword Researching

Keywords research/researching is the process of looking for a keywords that have a low volume competition and high search volume in other to write on them so you can rank on page one on google , so keywords can even attract $ when visitors  click on  your ad

. Write Unique/Good Titles

can be see as the process of writing a unique and good title that matches your niche , write title that is friendly with seo that google can read Eg how to cook beans  under 5 minute on this article your will learn how to cook beans under 5minute , try and follow the instructions on the yoast so you can be able to no the wright to write on

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3. Write Useful/Unique Content That Will Bring Traffic

writing of useful content that will attract traffic that will bring traffic to your blog , learn and write unique and good and long article , it is always good for seo and don’t copy any article from any blog , try and be creative

Conclusion: writing seo that rank on google first page determines the way you optimise your post using yoast , the way you place your keywords when writing the article , the internal links linking in the post , the length of the post and the way you place your keywords in the meta description box and how many links you build on that particular keyword to enable it rank on 1st page on google

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