Creative Way On How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than An Hour

Hey good day again , have you ever thought on How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than An Hour, Today I will be teaching you the basic method on How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than An Hour , The tips  and tricks on how to write a blog post within an hour

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than An Hour

What am I Going To Do Before Writing A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than An Hour

There Are Many Things To Do Before Writing A Blog Post , let me start by saying , Research For the topic You want to write on , Pencil the topic down , make sure You do proper research on the topic you want to write on am make sure it follows your article title , that is , make sure the topic is related to the title of your article ,

Stay far away from distractions.

This is like staying away from anything that can distract you ,including phone call ,it will be advisable you use  a sim that you don’t use to make call ,stay away from social media distraction eg off the. Notification of your social media ,stay away from were their is noise to avoid  distraction

Think And Come up with your post title

Make sure that your post title is interesting for readers to enjoy , post title will be signifying what you are acqually writing about ,like for instant your post title will be How To Cook Egwusi Soup that means how to cook egwusi soup is what you will be writing on and you should make sure that any thing you are talking about in the post must be related to the title and you should make sure you place the appropriate  keywords when is necessary and when is needed to be use

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Summarising The main points of your content in the introduction

Introduction here means , tell what you are actually writing about , explaining what the topic is acqually all about , introduction is nomally done in a paragraph , is just a short brief of what you are acqually writing about and the summarising is acqually picking out the main key point in the post and break it down for better understanding and make it simple for better understanding

Uses Of sections when writing your article.,

Sections is proper to be use when writing an article , like subheadings  , make use of the proper marks like full stop ,comma and and the rest ,make sure you article or your keywords reflect to your title , Make sure your writing of article is in a good grammatical english


Writing On your conclusion

Conclusion can be seen as concluding in the topic , make the final says about the article you are writing on , asking people questions in case they need from us ,


Remember These Key Tips when writing

• Small sentences and paragraphs
keep readers’ attention.

• Asking of  questions to keep your visitors 
reading to find out the answer.

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• Make your article easy to
read and understand by your visitors by using Proper points in your headings

Wrapping up :

is another  factor when you need to put your keywords like this Wrapping up :How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than An Hour ,  write under it ,is good for seo optimization and it garranties ranking,

With the tips listed above , if you apply the tips and the tricks on the post , you can acqually use it to rank any of your article on google front page , try and he creating in writing article , with the tips , you can write a blog lest than  an hour.

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