Creative Way On How to Start A successful blog in Nigeria

Have you ever have a thought on How to Start A successful blog in Nigeria , How to start A profitable Blog in Nigeria , Today am going to be teaching you on How to Start A successful blog in Nigeria , All the internet everyday , many people search’s about the stories of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria, ,The stories has influenced them , they want to  set up their  own blog and many money from it

The rise of make money online blogging in Nigeria has brought about the rise of many bloggers and as well has caused the downfall of many bloggers. They keep rushing in daily and after some months they rushed out like they set their feets on hot irons.

The truth of the matter is that every body wants to start a successful blog but not everyone can Adhere to the policies involved in building, creating and maintaining a successful blog.

Have you ever thought of starting or setting up a successful blog in Nigeria but don’t know how to start up? This article will guide you through in creating a successful blog in Nigeria , With today’s article you will know what it takes

How to Start a successful Blog In Nigeria

Step1 Get Your Blogging Materials Ready

Since blogging is a business as well you will have to get ready the materials needed to start your blogging as an online business… What are the materials needed to get started?

Your Mobile Phone or PC

If You don’t have money to blog on PC you can get started with your mobile phone and as time goes on you can then upgrade to the next level. , if you make money from your blog , you can use it to buy PC

Internet Connection:

The major problem known is internet connection , were to get strong network , so many location in this country lack poor network and which may lead to slow in loading of page , if you want to take blogging as a career , I will advice you go locate to another place were you can get network/Internet connection , And airtel sim 4g pack is most recommended if you want to get strong internet connection , and make sure you use the sim in a 4g phone

How to Start A successful blog in Nigeria

Your Writing Skills:

Before setting up a blog , the question you need to ask your self , Can you write , can you write what others can find attractive to read , did I have passion towards writing , Learn to write your articles your self because copy and paste dosnt garranties you of becoming successful in blogging field

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Timing matters a lot , Do you have time to blog ? That is the question you will ask your self before embarking into blogging business , You don’t need to be lazy , you need to be wake in the night researching on what that works and what that doesn’t work , researching on article to write on and  how you can get audience to visit your blog , you need to take part fully in the blogging because you can’t open a shop or set up a business and go home and be sleeping , you need to be the the shop to attend to customers , same with blogging , you need to be active and you need to be online to be successful in this field blogging

Step2 Choose Your Blogging Niche

This is the process of chosen your blog niche , chose the part you can blog on like technology , news and the rest , chose what you no how to do and stick to it

Step3 Choose your domain Name/ hosting

Choosing your domain name , make sure the name matches with your niche , domain name is the name that people can use to access your blog , make sure you make the name shorter for fast leading of your pages and your blog , choose a domain name that is related to your niche and make sure you choose a niche that is easily to rank

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Step5 Set Up Your Blog

Now it’s Time to set up your Blog. When setting up your blog You will have to buy domain name and web hosting to host your new blog

Get a Host Here , and  A domain and start , acqually it will cost you a little if you use my link in buying your host and domain by clicking here ,


Conclusion On :How to Start A successful blog in Nigeria

Setting up a blog in Nigeria is very easy , if you no what you are doing and have time to blog , I believe the above information can proper guide you on how to start a successful blog in Nigeria, just read step by step and take action


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