How To Remove Red Light In Silhouette Challenge

Do You Want To KnowHow To Remove Red Light In Silhouette Challenge? .

Today I will teach you how to do that.

The Silhouette challenge allow women to dance under red lights, allowing viewers to see the silhouettes of their main bodies.

Even though the red light only permit the silhouette, the wrong shade of red, as observed in some videos means people can see more than just a silhouette.
As the challenge rolled out, a large number of users started creating videos where they posed against the red background then the video would transition and show the background as normal.

Many other users were left wondering how to remove red light in the silhouette challenge’ While there is not a way to remove red filter after it has been applied, there are some tricks that a user can use to give a similar effect.

How To Remove Red Light In Silhouette Challenge

How To Remove Red Light In Silhouette Challenge

How to remove red light in the silhouette challenge

Base on removing red light on the silhouette challenge you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Look for a doorway that you can film in.
  • Stand in front of the door and film the first part of the video and film in full lightning.
  • Now, for the silhouette section, you actually need to film the clip on Snapchat and apply a filter called ‘Vin Rouge.
  • Then, turn off all the lights apart from one light in the room behind you.
  • This should make you look like a silhouette. Make sure you wear tight-fitting clothes to add to the effect
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  • Now all you need to do is save both clips to your camera roll and edit them both together
  • Then, add the Put Your Head on My Shoulder sound.
  • Conclusion

    That is all about Silhouette challenge, kindly read and share with your friends.

    I hope you have learnt how remove silhouette red light

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